Poison and Bards



Mar 24, 2004 15:35:17
I was wondering if Athas.org intended to give some suggested DC's for crafting the various poisons... and whether this would be exclusive for Bards (at present it doesn't seem to be). I think some more details on the specifics on Craft (Poisonmaking) would be nice, considering it is a main function of one of the character classes.

I think the list of poisons from the 3.5 DMG could be spruced up a bit, given more athasian names, (Kank Rot Poison, Purple Cactus Poison, Kreen's Delight, etc.).

I also think it would be cool to have a system to allow bards to manufacture exceptional poisons or poisons with spell like abilities; like one that turns its victim to stone, or puts them into a coma, or a truth syrum. Perhaps one of these exceptional poisons (and their antidotes) could be learned every level or something...


Mar 24, 2004 15:49:07
I've been thinking about an Athasian Underworld accessory dealing with more options for poisons, bards, rogues etc, as well as fleshing out criminal organizations and networks, some NPCs etc. Nothing in the works yet, though. Just an idea on the table.


Mar 25, 2004 9:32:23
I really like the use of poison in game, but with the lack of interesting and different poison types... I would really be something good to do Jon. Btw, I remember Mach having talk about a d20 modern document that as a section on poison. Mach?


Mar 25, 2004 14:02:49
Howdy, its Mach with todays public service announcement.

Kids, don't do too many drugs at once.

Well, todays words of wisdom were brought to you today by Bastion Press, makers of the overpriced yet still fine RPG supplement titled Pale Designs, a Poisoner's Handbook. Ask your local hobby shop about it today. Pale Desings, commiting Total Party Kills since '02.

BTW, if anyone knows of any other good poison books, by all means, let me know.