Who is Bralm?



Mar 24, 2004 15:46:21
I've heard of a xixchil or insectare deity named Bralm, but I've only seen one reference to him (it?).

Can anyone confirm that this deity exists, and what their alignment is?


Mar 25, 2004 22:11:04
Bralm is a Greyhawk god from the Suel pantheon. She is N and is a lesser goddess of insects and industriousness. 3E info on Bralm can be found in the LGG.

In 2E the god of the insectare was Klikral. The 2E entry for xixchil never mentioned a specific deity. Since the deities in the core setting of 3E are Greyhawk deities, alot of people have been substituting Greyhawk deities when converting to 3E.

An official example of this is the 3E Manual of the Planes. The patron of the mercane (3E arcane) is listed as Boccob. In 2E the mercane never had a patron (or it can be assumed that patron varied from crystal sphere to crystal sphere).

Hope that helps.