Shouldn't they live longer



Mar 24, 2004 18:25:05
Maybe this is just me being overly analytical, but since Krynn's years are shorter than that of earth's, shouldn't the races of Krynn live longer? I know it won't make a difference for most of the short-lived races, such as humans and the like, but elves, irda, and dwarves would see a little bit of a difference.
Over the span of five-hundred years, about forty years would be added to the lifespan of the races. For elves, it adds about sixty-seventy years on to their lifespan. For humans it would add about six years, which isn't that bad.

Like I said, I am being way to analytical.


Mar 25, 2004 1:32:43
Exactly when did you notice this? In the long run 70 extra years can mean a lot to an elf and six extra years to a dying human king would come in handy.

But how would they live longer? I'm just thinking 30 years in our calendar are the same 30 years on Ansalon just following a different calendar (that goes by quicker).


Mar 25, 2004 9:11:34
Actually...I calculated it up once to help explain why Bertrem and Caramon lived so friggin' long.

Caramon's earth age come out to be 87...which while is still old, is better than 95. heh heh

But, I really don't think it matters. Human's in D&D just have a longer life span (average) than humans on earth.