Mar 25, 2004 9:07:26
Hello all.

I was wondering if there is any information on this haunted city. I know that there are scant details in the official material. I also know that it was sort of featured in one of the "Tribe of One" books. I was curious if anyone else had written anything up.

I am tossing some ideas around in my tiny mind about it. Why it is the way it is, key players, that sort of thing.

For example: when Irikos was beseiging the fabled city of Bodach and the preservers who were there, his intelligence of the city provided by his spys was flawed. He believed that there were only minor powered preservers there. He was shocked to find that the greatest preserver of the time, a man named Kelsen, was in the city and was its chief general. When they met on the battlefield they struck each other with mighty magics; Irikos being powered by the fouls magics of Rajaat and Kelsen backed by the life-forces of several Spirits of the Land. The resulting backlash opened up a rift ot the Grey. This killed every living thing in the city and the surrounding countryside.

That night, as the sun set, all of those who were killed rose to a mockery of life and have been forever cursed by the magical backlash.

What do you think?

Just curious.



Mar 25, 2004 11:17:12
Kelsen is alive to this day and frequents these boards.


Mar 25, 2004 11:32:14
Damn. Here I am thinking that I cme up with an original name!



Mar 25, 2004 16:28:00
Hi Erasmus (are you actually erasmus student?)

long long time ago I found a .doc on the web... I googled it but I couln't find the link anymore.

I've still the doc on my HD... I send it to you!


Mar 25, 2004 16:29:55
I've got a decent net project of Bodach. It's in hard copy right now though.

Will post it to my site once I get done with some personal things like moving. :D


Mar 26, 2004 21:29:15
If you go to EN World and look up "Story hour" I have a bit there about Bodach and its curse.

Essensionally- high level psionics and magic created a rift with the negitive energy plane. This rift killed everyone in the city. These people became animated skeletons that gathered goods to protect. Goods included everything from money to artifacts. These are the undead depicted in "Tribe of One" series.

Adventurers and others that died within the city since, have become undead of any sort. Some freewill. One in perticular was a cleric of silt that controlled an artifact that increased its control undead ability. This freewill undead controled the original undead and had them seek artifacts including Bodach Silencer and the such.

He was just defeated by Korgunard (still only a 37th level NPC- no Avangion abilities) and it was suggested to him that this city would be ideal to hide in from SK especially with the treasures gathered to aid in his quests.

It is called "Under A Darksun"


Mar 26, 2004 21:37:42
Originally posted by Nytcrawlr
I've got a decent net project of Bodach. It's in hard copy right now though.

Hey, do you any mapping ideas on Bodach in your net project?


Mar 26, 2004 21:55:30
Originally posted by Cyrus9a
Hey, do you any mapping ideas on Bodach in your net project?

Nope, but you are more than welcome to dive into it.

I suck at mapping anyways.

Oh, and it's not my project, someone else's that I am restoring to the web so people can get better access to it.


Mar 27, 2004 12:10:02
I made a map of Boadach.


Mar 27, 2004 12:14:13
Originally posted by eyalrein
I made a map of Boadach.

Great! Where is it?