lady of pain construct



Mar 25, 2004 16:14:03
what do you think would happen if someone decided to make a little lady of pain construct? It would have maze at will(as per the spell) and a blade barrier at will ability but only on things in its' shadow.


Mar 25, 2004 16:17:01
Panic. Destruction. The Lady would probably see it as an affront on Her power (Someone creating something that has the audacity to pretend to be Her?!) If it was in Sigil the creator would probably die horribley or merely vanish. If away from Sigil it'd probably be destroyed by superstitious people, it doesn't matter if she 'probably' can't kill you if you're not in Sigil - the chance that she might is enough to scare most residents fo the planes.


Mar 25, 2004 18:20:52
Well along the lines of what the big box 'o gears said... ;)

If such a thing caused any disruptions in Sigil such as panic, riots, violence etc, The Lady would most certainly step in and turn the construct and creator into so much shattered metal and splattered flesh. I'd treat it along the same lines as worshipping The Lady. Somehow it is seen as either dimishing Her station, or being disrespectful of Her somehow. Such is punished without bias to intent.

However if it doesn't cause such you might not face retribution by Her Serenity, but just some VERY concerned looks and reactions from residents of the city. They might try and 'convince' you to destroy it, or leave Sigil. As well, if things escalate along those lines, The Dabus may approach you to give a bit of a succinct message perhaps to politely take it and leave, or not to build it in the first place. An 'accident' might occur and destroy the construct in the progress of making it, or it might simply vanish in the night before completed. The workshop might begin to hop around Sigil into a different ward, preventing the creator from finding his own workshop to continue work.

I've done something a bit smaller scale in my own campaign. I had A'kin the Arcanaloth creating a little cottage industry (and a hell of a moneymaker for himself) with little animated dolls of prominant Sigil personalities, former and current factols, etc. They would move, speak if spoken to, had something of a charicature of the personality of the person they represented, and would interact with each other given the chance. Eventually A'kin made a Lady of Pain doll. It simply floated about, would maze the Darkwood Doll repeatedly (it'd come back eventually), the other dolls would get nervous when it floated past, etc. Eventually he made a Dabus doll to follow it around with a rebus that said 'Do NOT worship'.

The dolls got popular, and the LoP doll got some ODD stares, and a disclaimer from the maker himself, but people got used to it. It wasn't worshipped, and little different from a statue of The Lady. Such representations of Her Serenity do exist in Sigil, though few and far between since people are nervous as all hell about anything to do with The Bladed Queen.


Mar 25, 2004 20:45:40
Know what'd be fun? An accurate, animate depiction of the Lady of Pain that was placed outside of Sigil. Like, in Gehenna or something. That'd really screw with the fiends' minds, I would think... Particularly if it had a few abilities (especially something like an imprisonment ability) to replicate being able to "maze" people... I think that could be very fun indeed.



Mar 26, 2004 17:19:44
"Proabably" can't kill you outside of Sigil...


Really, the idioat who did that would get mazed so fast...


Mar 26, 2004 19:14:05
She might be able to do so, She might not be able to do so. Personally I don't want to be the first person to try anything that might tempt Her to do so. Heck, I don't even want to be the first person to fund any such attempt. *shudders*

And when you can get a fiend to shudder, that's power.


Mar 27, 2004 9:05:43
In my game?

I'd take a note from Faction War. You'd get that thing finished, and it would be perfect. Right size, tone, even similar powers...maze 1/round and such...

And then it would vanish through a unmapped portal, and never be seen again. Because it's just been shunted a million years into the past...where Forces Unknown occur...and for some reason, you get to wondering whether the Lady is that construct or not...

And then it flays you a minute after the golem vanished.



Mar 27, 2004 17:15:15
^^^ooooh, time loops! :D

The LoP destroyed Aoskar (Aoskar Myer Weiners!...sorry me .5 slaad) though he was outside Sigil yes? No?


Mar 27, 2004 17:17:11
Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. We don't really know. It is my theory that she let the God of Portals into the City of Doors in that last terrible moment, lured him in by opening the gateways for just an instant and then destroyed him. But we can't really be sure.


Mar 27, 2004 22:55:28
Yep we don't know. He might have been inside, or been let in, or my own personal feeling it was simply his close association with Sigil (huge number of worshippers inside the city, plus one of the Dabus served as a proxy. That divine connection of Aoskar's inside Sigil may have worked both ways, allowing him influence inside Sigil to meddle and insinuate himself potentially into the workings of the portals, and it may have given The Lady means to swing it back the other way and obliterate him.

And it's still a mystery. Fell isn't speaking, nor is The Lady.

Maybe Factol Skall of the Dustmen was on the negative energy plane when he was mazed, or maybe it was during one of his rare trips into Sigil in physical form that he was mazed. We don't know.


Mar 28, 2004 7:01:36
An accurate, animate depiction of the Lady of Pain that was placed outside of Sigil. Like, in Gehenna or something. That'd really screw with the fiends' minds

That would hilarious! I can see Asmodeus soilling himself when the construct of her Serenity shows up in his bedchamber. But if you really what to mess with some berks put it on Mount Celestia.



Apr 01, 2004 8:34:54
Hey cutters
Don't forget the baatezu have tried to made a such thing
I n the adventure Fires of Dis the players encounter a Lady's unsucessful replica

I don't belive the lady can harm one outside the Cage
She never done that
In Faction War she coud maze Factol Rhys if she had such power
her power reach only sigil borders I think


Apr 01, 2004 13:19:00
Or perhaps She did not wish for Rhys to be Mazed in the first place (Or she IS Rhys, or a component of her). Skall never left his citadel on the NEP but he still ended up in the Mazes. Was he in Sigil at the time? Noone's sure. And just because She hasn't used her powers outside of Sigil up till now doesn't mean she can't.


Apr 01, 2004 20:43:11
Never mind.


Apr 12, 2004 13:07:42
Topics about the Lady are always so interesting.

You could do such construct. In a monumental waste of money you can give it, floating powes, teleknesis, power word kill, maze, the ability to tear the people only passing its shadow by, tepeport, mass tepeport, an incredible level of "indestructibility"
maybe even a voicing memchanism, if you want the joke to be perfect. It will not work. Why?

First of all, the Lady did not show enough of her powers to be mirrored on a construct, the people stories are imprecise and everytime something different happens. (this can be a good point, but people will suspect of her doing ever the same things)
And second because if you make it in sigil, prepare to be mazed (if you die, the better) and if you make it outside sigil no one will believe the Lady has left sigil.