Kenders, A positive role playing element in DL.



Mar 25, 2004 17:46:58
The kender race opens the door to positive role playing(Unlike the Irda who should have all died out.) aspects of the game. Has anyone ever played a kender ? What were their stats and what was he or she like ?



Mar 25, 2004 18:14:16
Haven't played one yet, but will if my next group doesn't have a scout.
Oh yeah, a kender rogue with a hoopak. A true Tas clone, except that he'll be afflicted.


Mar 25, 2004 21:10:25
I've had an Kender druid concept beating on the back of my skull for awhile that I'd love to play, maybe sometime someone else in my group will decide to DM Dragonlance... though I could just imagine thier faces once I declared my race.


Mar 25, 2004 22:08:19
I have a player in my group who's a kender sorcerer. Although, in actuality, he's a particularly flighty brass dragon that was killed by Malys and his soul got redirected by accident into where the soul of a kender would have gone.


Mar 25, 2004 22:34:03
In the upcoming game I'm going to run I have a Kender who wishes to join the good ol' Knights of S. Those in charge of such things humored him and sent him out questing before he could make a formal appeal to join.
So he's with the current group trying to prove himself as a knight while contending with his nature. Gonna make for some interesting RPing without it getting too silly. It takes quite the player to understand the difference between playing a Kender and a 5 year-old with ADD.


Mar 26, 2004 2:00:25
In the game that I am currently running, I have one Kender player character. She's an afflicted Kender mystic. Saddest thing about it, the Kender seems to be the voice of reason for the party. In truth the whole party is a joke in the making... a Kender mystic, a Silvanesti wizard, a human bard, and a half-elf (Silvanesti) fighter.

Even more humorous, since afflicted Kender don't taunt, the half-elf's player has decided that she just has to have the Goad feat from MHB. The bard also is extremely hyper-active and likes to crack jokes (or at least, his attempts at jokes).

So eventhough afflicted Kender aren't very Kenderlike in many regards, two of the other characters are picking up the slack... So I guess you could say that I have a Silvanesti Wizard and three almost-Kender.



Mar 27, 2004 0:11:40
A friend of mine played a kender once. it was a few years ago in what was my very first time playing with the DragonLance setting. all of my friends had read the novels and often played in the campaign world. I didn't have a clue what a kender was and the players just explained to me that it was Krynn's version of a halfling. Let's say that with such an explanation I didn't expect what was going to happen and sure enough, after a few hours I was laughing so hard I couldn't roll my dice and my barbarian REALLY wanted to kill that little bastard himself :D . two years latter I read the Chornicles and the first thing that popped in my mind was "oh my god you mean to tell me they're ALL like that".
I guess my friend really played it well.


Mar 31, 2004 19:07:21
I am currently playing a Kender Rogue too. True he was inspired by TB, but all my characters that I play have always had that playful inocent aspect to them and seeing the Kender race, I had to try one. My Kender always finds himself holding things for others, but his favorite thing to Borrow is names which has driven the mage in the party nearly insane. I think Kender make great scouts because the party never has any objections to the Kender checking out the dark hole with srange noises coming out of it first.


Mar 31, 2004 22:30:49
That is true. Most of the party is more then happy to get rid of the errr I mean send them out ahead to scout.


Mar 31, 2004 23:16:51
We usually had her "guard the rear" while we went further ahead to "scout" :D unfortunately our little buddy soon got bored and decided that there wouldn't be any harm to explore a little and that's usualy when we would find some of our stuff missing and just had to go back to find her.


Apr 01, 2004 3:51:28
I play 2nd edition, so I don't know about the later versions, but in 2e, I think kenders are extremely powerful for players, especially in high levels. I like NPC kenders a lot though. They are great for RP mood.


Apr 03, 2004 23:59:50
There are wonderful roleplaying opportunities for those who play kender, but unfortunately, there are quite a gew people who have no business playing kender. You know these people, annoying players who can't take anything seriously, and probably only stumbled onto kender as yet another way to be irritating. It's much more fun, and balanced, when a serious player takes the irrepresible charm of the kender and turns it into a virtue that the party blesses, the stalwart hero with a joke on the tip of his tongue, but always ready to defend those he cares about. Unfortunately, it seems to be a rare occurance hereabouts.

And I take offense to the remark on the Irda dying out, I have an Irda mystic who washed up on the shores of the northern swamps, and has helped rally the nearby folk in the recent appearance and subjugation of Mhorlex. The game has prgressed in so many ways, and my character has fallen for another of the player's characters, an Ergothian rogue with devilish charm.