I need opinions



Mar 26, 2004 0:01:07
Anybody think it is possible to have a half\ogre-mage.

I am thinking about starting a campaign passed on a prophecy thats foretells the birth of a child from mixed blood of ogre and elf. But the kicker is s\he is supossed to help both the ogres and the elves restore their ancient kingdoms.

Naturally it stands to reason that this person would have some big advantages over normal ogres and elves.

To be honest I am thinking about using the being as an introduction for psionics as well.

Here is what i was thinking of: Ogre-Mage\Elf mix with the Psionic creature template. Years after s\he is born the person goes through the Titan ritual. As s\he has both elvin and ogre blood there is no need to sacrifice any elves or maintain the ritual.

Here is the prophecy I have put together so far:

In the days when mortals rule,
And dragon lords have fallen.
The gods will return to punish their own,
And a leader shall be born.
In his veins flows the blood of ancient foes,
Who were once the chosen of the gods.
Prohecy will lead him to ancient power.
Wars will be fought, and feuds set aside.
Champions will be lost to darkness,
And allies shall find the way to the light.
He shall lead them all to greatness,
And restore what once was theirs.

I may make changes to the prophecy but I am not sure yet.


Mar 26, 2004 9:54:05
Just think how interesting it would be, what would the other Wizards say when the Goblin passed his test. *snickers*