How weird should Gnomes get?



Mar 26, 2004 3:26:54
Probably the most interesting race of Krynn, for a DM to have as one of the PCs, is a Gnome.
They r like mad scientists who come up with the weirdest ideas, which sometimes might seem way too strange for a fantasy-setting like DL.
So here's the question, how weird r the Gnomes in your game? (PCs and NPCs)

One of my players just came up with a new character (since his old one got eaten by a black dragon) which, on the first look really made me wonder, if this would fit in with DL. He plays a Gnome Rogue, with hair like Albert Einstein, a brown leather jacket, pilot goggles, a whip and an IndianaJones-hat. Oh, and by the way, he's riding a hyperactive dire badger.
After thinking about his character for a while, I told him he could go on and play that character, after all it's a Gnome and to me such behaviour seems pretty "normal" for Gnomes.
He didn't come up with any strange devices he is definitely going to invent, but I'm already looking forward to seeing what he's coming up with...although I'm also kinda scared :D

So what about your opinion on Gnomes?


Mar 26, 2004 11:45:18
Gnomes are the best. They're like 500 lb. of gunpowder just waiting to catch on fire.

Seriously though, gnomes add that odd technological bent to Dragonlance that makes the world more interesting to my eyes. It's a real interesting way of adding some steampunk elements to your campaign (especially if you use the gnomes of Taladas). Judging from your description, at the very least this gnome PC will be memorable!


Mar 26, 2004 22:52:26
Heh heh heh. Gnomes are fun. What i want to play sometime is a gnome mystic with the Technology domain(I found it in a web enhancement).


Mar 28, 2004 8:17:12
The way I run my Krynnish gnomes, they can build anything found in the 1930s America. Unfortunately, these devices tend to be collossal, malfunction at the drop of a hat, and have a nasty tendency to blow themselves up.

So yes, the gnomes of Mount Nevermind could invent a telephone...but the two ends of the phone would stand over five hundred feet tall, weigh more than a great wyrm red, and make enough noise that in order for people to hear themselves over the line, they have to use voice-amplification magic.

--ahhhhh, tinker gnomes, bless them all, the lil buggers NB


Mar 30, 2004 20:48:09
I am not sure if they have yet. But if Gnomes tried to make gunpowder, I have a feeling Krynn would see its first mushroom cloud.


Mar 30, 2004 22:11:01
Yes, gnomes *HAVE* invented gunpowder. They were trying to make incense. After figuring out that it exploded, they used it in their popcorn popper, which looked suspiciously like a cannon.