Your take on half ogres and minotaurs



Mar 26, 2004 15:20:53
In my adventure I have a minotaur I used to have a half ogre but he charged two full blooded ogres on his own, he killed the first one in one hit but the other killed him quickly, and I'm useing perma dead, but the minotaur is still there and he has a reach weapon, inproved trip, knockdown and hulking brute, he has +11 to his trip, I was just woundering what you guys though about these two powerful races and the fact that minos have no lvl ajustment


Mar 26, 2004 15:24:32
Krynn Minotaurs need no level adjustment. They are not the overpowered brutes of the monster manual. Now, half ogres are cool....just dont know their own strength. ;)


Mar 26, 2004 15:26:46
There's a Minotaur player in the game I'm running, I haven't had any problems with his character being anymore powerful than the rest... of course once the Centaur finishes his monster levels the Minotaur's strength will be puny.

Though I gotta say one thing about Minotaurs... they give a whole new meaning to "Charging into battle head first."