The Elite Guards of the Boneheart!



Mar 26, 2004 23:08:02
Heh, ok, call me mini-obsessed, but here's another good D&D miniatures figure for Greyhawk use. Note the symbol on the shield

Dread Guard


Mar 27, 2004 1:56:19
Nice! Or it could be the fig for General Sindol of the Legion of Black Death.


Mar 27, 2004 9:35:26
Yea, the Dread Guard is a good fit for an Iuz minion, or even a Horned Society devotee.

I got lucky and got a Dread Guard in my first Archfiends Expansion Pack. Here are a few key stats:

HD: 5 (47 hp)
AC: 17
SQ: Construct Traits, resist cold 10 and fire 10.
CR: 3

Pretty cool.


Mar 27, 2004 13:05:53
dreadguards are crappy over priced constructs made from empty suites of armor (at least in D&D, I have never played WotC's miniature game).... however I can see using that mini as something else, a black guard or other evil warrior maybe.


Mar 27, 2004 13:12:47
Yea, you're right about the Dread Guard in D&D RPG terms, Wes. I think they are just used to fill pages in Monster Manual II. But, they are a good addition to a Mini's Warband.


Mar 27, 2004 19:44:37
Sheesh, wtf cares about what's written in the damn MM?

It's a cool looking mini with three skull emblems on it that could easily be interpreted as being the grinning skull device of Iuz.

Being a common figure in the minis Archfiend set, it will also be very easy to obtain as singles. Single commons go for between $0.50c to about $0.80c so it's a kick-arse figure all round that you can easily, cheaply, add to your Greyhawk game.

Go spoil someone elses thread.


Mar 29, 2004 14:52:54
Go spoil someone elses thread.

I will "Spoil" what ever threads I want thank you....

I did say that they would be a good fit for a black guard or ewvil warrior type (the symbolism would be accurate for a Iuz servant)... I was simply expressing my dissatisfaction for the creature that it is supposed to be a mini of.