Dragonlance Spellsheets/lists?



Mar 26, 2004 23:36:32
Does anyone have any idea where I may find a list of either Dragonlance Spells on their own, preferably with some form of minor description of effects, or mixed in witht he spells from the core 3.0 or 3.5 spells? Thanks for any help. Links would be appreciated.


Mar 27, 2004 18:10:37
Try: www.adnddownloads.com

Lots of goodies there.


Mar 27, 2004 18:23:59
You might try Ema's character sheets. Ema has a sheet for Dragonlance, which includes descriptions of PHB spells, and I believe includes spells from the DLCS and Age of Mortals as well. Here's a link:

Ema's Homepage