Epic magic in the hands of non-advanced beings?



Mar 27, 2004 12:09:53
OK, I can understand epic psionics not requiring the status of an advanced being; after all, the psions of the Order are meant to be rediculously potent mentalists.

But what of epic magic, both arcane and divine? Should it be available to non-advanced beings? Or should this remain the province of avangions, clerical elementals, and dragons? On the one hand, there is the unfairness of restricting it to NPCs who have ungodly high levels, even by ELH standards. But on the other hand, ever since the release of Dragon Kings, epic magic has solely been the realm of dragons, avangions, and their clerical counterparts.

What do the rest of you think? Restrict it nor not?

--I believe epic magic should be restricted NB


Mar 27, 2004 15:21:08
The epic rules on magic and psionics in the ELH really suck, but that's a discussion for another place.

Yes I would allow epic magic and psionic to mortals, since not doing that would kill their power in the egg. If not they would become nothing more than machines that get an higher DC for their spells once in a while....
There is no character in that.

When I posted the Psionic Enchantments Expanded thread a while back, I was suggesting we make something that could be more powerful than magic or psionics alone, and that would come in normal and epic flavor, so as to fall-in with the powerful sorcerers and members of the Order.

That would have served as a unique power type (spell, psionic power, --> chazam..) reserved for advanced beings.

That not being availlable as an option, I'd say then that our advanced beings, in their first levels of advancement, will be in certain aspects less powerful than certain great wizards or psions.


Mar 27, 2004 18:51:11
They'd already be less powerful in some ways Say the 3.5E rules for Avangions/Dragons remained the same, and you needed 20 levels in Wizard and 20 in psionicist to BEGIN the process. That's 20 separate levels in another class... someone who was a pure psion or wizard would be L40! Someone with 20 epic levels under their belt could prove to be quite formidable.