Temple descriptions



Mar 28, 2004 5:05:08
I'm building classic DnD terrains to play my minis in, and I'm planning to make the temples from Deities and Demigods but I only have the plans. Do you know of descriptions of the architecture and the decoration from novels or adventures I could use ?

Thanks in advance


Mar 28, 2004 19:09:53
Have you tried reading "Temple of Elemental Evil" & "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" Modules?

Those give you a good idea of the structure of temples not only to evil gods, but good gods as well.

Hope this helps you.


Mar 29, 2004 1:52:03
Cool, these are easy to find (I guess) and I can even look for the design they chose in the video game, can't I ?
Thanks for the good idea.