Vecna's location in the Flanaess?



Mar 28, 2004 11:28:20
Deities and Demigods states that Vecna, lesser god of evil secrets, dwells on Oerth. A few weeks ago, I purchased Living Greyhawk Gazeteer, but could not find any reference to the ancient lich-god's realm in the Flanaess.

--where praytell is the Dread Lord Vecna? NB


Mar 28, 2004 19:24:33
It's a secret...


Mar 28, 2004 20:47:38
IIRC he rules from Citadel Cavitius in most products. There is some particular problems to placing this domain though.

In his early years he ruled a substantial realm in the Flanaess (Not Cavitius but the Spidered Throne?), but it's highly unlikely as a deity, he could enjoy a domain like Cavitius and go unnoticed by Keoland, Furyondy, Iuz, etc.

In Vecna Lives Cavitius was on the Plane of Ash.

In Vecna Reborn Cavitius is in the DemiPlane of Dread.

In Die Vecna Die Cavitius is still in the DPoD.

But then you have the canon issues, so I'd say Vecna's realm is still on the Plane of Ash if you aren't using Ravenloft. Even if you use Ravenloft, I'd say the Citadel there was likely a duplicate and the original still stands. Having it off-Oerth makes him harder to get to since the Ash is so close to the Negative Material Plane, thus safeguarding his secrets and libraries.


Mar 29, 2004 10:13:52
There's never a definitive product that explanes Vecna's empire on Oerth, although I think it is hinted at at several times that Vecna's empire was located in the area of Keoland, and maybe centered somewhere near northern Gran March or possibly closer to the Verbobonc area... like I said, never clearly defined. His ancient empire is lost to antiquity.



Mar 29, 2004 10:19:15
Probably Keoland. The Keoish won't even mention the name (if they know it) and the Silent Ones (I believe) act as Men in Black when it comes to Vecna.


Mar 29, 2004 10:24:45
Some documents (don't remember their name atm) suggest that his capital/tower/lair was once located in place what is now called Rushmoors.

I think the influence of Vecna and Ur-Flan, at their peak, extended pretty far from Sheldomar valley. Has anyone any information how far?

According to Ivid Undying Ur-Flan monuments can be found from Adri Forest & North Kingdom.


Mar 29, 2004 14:52:08
As one of the architects of this clean-up job on canon, perhaps I can chime in:

There were many Ur-Flan kingdoms before the Great Migrations, spread across the Flanaess, but usually not connected to each other politically. They were distinguished from other Flan natives (who largely practiced the Old Faith in either agrarian or nomadic societies) for being advanced in culture, city-builders, possessing of strong magic, and often having warlike or territorial ambitions. Many were led by despots or had other forms of autocratic rule.

Vecna's was but one of these, but his was perhaps one of the most legendary realm outside of the Isles of Woe and the Kingdom of Ehlissa. His Rotted Tower and the heart of his empire was in the Rushmoors in the Sheldomar Valley near present day Shiboleth in the Gran March. From there, his empire (really a collection of cowed and subservient kingdoms which paid tribute to him and his rapacious servants like Kas) spread across the nothern sheldomar, perhaps as far north as the Fals Gap, and west to the shores of the Nyr Dyv and the Wild Coast, and south as far as the Good Hills (all demihuman realms in between excepted).

I favor having his present domain in the Plane of Ash as indicated in Vecna Lives! This would be his refuge after his titannic battle with Iuz at Tovag Baragu that sent him away from Oerth for a time.


Mar 31, 2004 23:31:53
In Living Greyhawk, Vecna's ancient capital rests in the Rushmoors. There is also a reference to it in Dungeon #107. In the article on Evard, it makes a passing reference that Vecna's former citadel is located in the Rushmoors so apparently that's what Erik Mona thinks too. As far as his current location, I'd say that doesn't really matter quite so much. In fact, I'd be more likely to believe his location is itinerant and varying depending on his current ambitions. At the end of Die Vecna Die (the final 2e module IIRC), he had acquired a bit more power than he had before. Thus the Vecna of 3rd edition is a lesser deity instead of a demigod (apparently he had an alignment change from CE to NE as well). It also seemed to suggest that Vecna was left on Oerth finding a new way to usurp power.

Since he's the god of secrets, it's not a big surprise that the location hasn't really been detailed in any official source since 2e. I favor the interpretation that he has no "home base" anymore. He's more like Fharlanghn, wandering Oerth, but with a much more vile intent and probably not out in the open.


Apr 06, 2004 1:05:52
Even if you use Ravenloft, I'd say the Citadel there was likely a duplicate and the original still stands.

This was never stated in published products, so it doesn't really matter, but this was the assuption when we wrote Vecna into "Domains of Dread" and follow-on Ravenloft products ("Vecna Reborn" and"Die Vecna Die").