Tantalizing hints in Dark Sun.



Mar 28, 2004 22:46:49
What are some great hints left dangling, never resolved?

From Dragon Kings, page 155:

However, because the Tyr region is actually only asmall part of a much larger world, there are probably other dragons in distant realms. Whether the great dragon is aware of other distant dragons, only it knows for certain.


Mar 29, 2004 0:20:53
If you read Dragon Kings, you should know who the other Dragons are



Mar 29, 2004 10:19:01
Originally posted by Kilamar
If you read Dragon Kings, you should know who the other Dragons are

Yes, but they are in the Tyr resion. The quote specificly refers to dragons outside the Tyr region...


Mar 29, 2004 10:57:20
Agreed. I actually made a whole area to the South of the Tablelands (pre-2e, if you're wondering) that was roughly the same size. Several dragons were there, but they lacked the power and prestige of their northern cousins.

Of course, with new information, we now know that the Tablelands are in the South, meaning it only gets hotter as you move to the equator. Guess I could always move the whole thing across the Sea of Silt, which would give more reason for Borys to have his citadel in the center instead of over on the Tablelands. If that's the case, those other dragons would probably be pretty confused as to the disappearance of the Dragon, since all the motions came from the Tablelands-side of things.


Mar 30, 2004 8:01:28
Heh. I've already used that lil hint in my Athas. I created a region across the Sea of Silt ruled over by the kaisharga of Ur Draxa. This region (the Far East Region) was a Asian realm, with Chinese and Japanese-style city-states ruled by the kaisharga listed in Valley of Dust and Fire. I simply made those kaisharga into dragons, explaining that Borys had revealed the secrets of the metamorphosis to them when he conquered the Far East after the start of the Age of the Sorcerer-Kings.

--now that Borys is gone, the Ur Draxan kaisharga have big ambitions NB


Mar 30, 2004 17:46:07
Where were those kaisharga in the novels anyway? :D

(I know they're in Valley of Dust and Fire)


Mar 30, 2004 18:04:29
Some of them showed up in The Cerulean Storm. Chapter 12: The Shoals pg 205. Six of them came to kill Jo'orsh at the Gate of Doom.

They were named as The Lord Mariner, Lord Guardian, The Lord Harbringer, Lord Warrior, Lord Vizier, and Lady Bliss. Most of the names came from Chapter 13 during the battle against Rikus and Caelum while Rikus was trapped in the mud. I don't think I missed any other names, but it's possible :-)