YAY! My campaign is.....



Mar 29, 2004 1:07:15
starting tomorrow! Im so excited and it's been in the making for a while now. The group looks very balanced which I am glad to see since our groups normally dont seem to be. Well here's what the group looks like for my campaign:

Human Fighter (Solomnic Knight but "maybe" Rogue Knight)
Human Wizard (Wants to be a Red Robe)
Kender Rogue
Dwarf Cleric (1st time cleric for this player so could be scary)
Kagonesti Ranger (Will most likely die as thats what he does best)
________ ________ (Player hasnt made his character yet)

Well thats it. We "may" have anywhere from 0 to 2 more people playing aswell. I would like it if they both joined. If they did the two players would be playinga Kagonesti Druid and Human Fighter (Solamnic Knight). Would be interesting if they both made it into the Knighthood and then the one went Rogue Knight. That would also mean more work for me I guess. Ohwell.

Your thoughts on this group? Maybe you see a weakness I dont? For those of you who have noticed I am aware there is no gully dwarf. I aim to correct this so the group is perfect. HEHE.

Summation or reason for post: Nothing really just excited and wanted to share it with you all. Not looking for any feedback but any is welcome.


Mar 29, 2004 14:57:52
My comment is... what snacks will be provided for said start of the game. The start of a new campaign is a very very big event. So will you prepare HUGE FEAST to end all feast or have snacks. Or will your players bribe you with tasty treats that man has never seen before? ohh the excitment of it all. :bounce:


Mar 29, 2004 15:06:11
Are you running The Sylvan Key ?



Mar 29, 2004 15:12:33
Sounds to me like you have all the important bases covered class wise. Through socially there may be some issues, but hey that's the fun of Role Playing isn't it. I'm curious though as to which deity the Dwarf is Cleric to. I mean yeah Reorx is the obvious one, but it's not like ALL Dwarf clerics worship him. Just curious.


Mar 29, 2004 15:53:22
Well for snacks I believe "they" will be supplying me with treats. My treats will be in the form of......them not dying. Seriously though a couple people each week bring treats for everyone and it works well. I am honestly still debating on weither I should run the Sylvan Key. I can cause I have read it but I have an adventure of my own to start it off. Either way I go it should be interesting. The dwarf worships Reorx as he was trying to worship a FR god which I told him he could not.

That bring's up another question though. How do you guy's get your groups together? More often then not in our campaigns we have stupid introductions where we all "bump" into each other and agree to go hunting. Thats ok at times but doesnt seem very thought out for me. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks.


Mar 29, 2004 16:09:18
You could start it off by having the PCs all knowing an NPC in common (e.g. some noble). Then the PCs are all invited to some big event of the noble (e.g. engagement, wedding, birthday, 1st baby born, etc.) and then that's when the sh ... t hits the fan. ;)


Mar 29, 2004 16:11:55
Or you could just go with the generic meeting of having everyone meet in the tavern right after a bar fight. I have not used that one in awhile myself but it always worked for me.

Another is to have them all get hired by the same guy(NPC) for a job. ;)



Mar 29, 2004 16:48:34
To quote the comic "Once upon a table"

Elven Bard, "So how'd you guys meet anyway."
Human Ranger, "Oh the usual way. We were all in a tavern when a fight broke out and we all became friends in the insuing melee."
Elven Bard, "How uncivil. Do you meet many people this way?"
Human Ranger,"Oh sure it's like a dating service for adventurers."

Anyway, about my earlier comment, I wasn't suggesting he worship a non-DL deity, it just seems like I so rarely see a Dwarven Cleric of Sirrion, or Majere, or anyone other than Reorx, seems like people forget they can.


Mar 29, 2004 17:58:03
I know you werent suggesting a FR deity. Silly. I just thought I'd mention that he wanted to worship a different deity from there. I believe he wants to worship Reorx now though due to Reorx's favored weapon or whatever its called. Sorry dont have the book in front of me. Over the years though I have also noticed in our campaigns that cleric's almost always if not always worship a deity from there racial patheon. Understandably so but I agree it would be interesting to play or see a Dwarf worshipping Sirrion.

edit: All gods are on a "diet" now according to my spelling.


Mar 29, 2004 18:06:37
Well...the only enduring game that I ran (in SAGA)...we decided before hand that there was to be three main groups. The former Knights of Takhisis, Arek, Helm, and a Minotaur (I can't remember the name at the moment). All three of them were friends (obviously) and on the run because they were being accused of the dishonorable murder of Merriel Abrena (weird, huh?)

Anyway...as any errant KoT would do...when in doubt, visit the grave of your most revered...Steel Brightblade.

Amazingly enough...at the same time a Knight of Solamnia and his current "quest" (a rogue that he personally taken it upon himself to "turn him from the darkness") were also visiting Solace. The Knight thought it would be a good place to start showing Gin (the rogue) his evil ways by visiting the tomb of the most noble mortals to ever live.

Well...the two groups ran into each other...and the Knight of Solamnia and Arek Brimstone instant recognized each other as childhood friends (prior to leaving for their respective knighthoods). And they knew that the third friend fo their childhood trio, a sorcerer, was studying at the Academy. So they decided to seek him out.

The Sorcerer was currently engaged with a Qualinesti elf and a centaur in helping free Qualinesti from the grip of Berylinthranox...or at least lessen her grip at any rate.

It was a lot more complicated than that...but we spent a couple days trying to figure out how everyone knew each other...and we thought (since we had such an odd group of adventurers) that it would be easiest to have three groups of adventurers...each group having one person who was part of a childhood trio of best friends (however a bit estranged, now because of chosen lifestyles). It made for some great role-playing...and some very tense situations. Like when the Knight of Solamnia finally found out that Arek was actually a rogue Knight of Takhisis...and subsequently so were Helm and the minotaur.

Ah...good times.

Good times.


Damn I miss those times...


Mar 29, 2004 20:52:15
One of the best starts to a campaign I was ever in was jail time. The group of individuals all woke up in the jail after various encounters the previous night (a bar brawl, a theft, unlawful solicitation, and a framing), and were blackmailed into a quest, forced to work together for a couple of adventures. It became a habit (working together I mean), and they found that they meshed well, and the couple of adventures turned into an excellent campaign.

Another good one was instigated by the handler, who stole very personal objects from the other party members (who looked like people he could "rely on"), who then proceeded to chase him into the first adventure, which led to the second, etc.


Mar 30, 2004 2:32:28
To re-answer a question previously asked of me by LordOfIllusions, yes I will be running the Sylvan Key. I have read it thouroughly and part of the Key of Destiny and well from what i've seen I have to run them. The whole Key of Destiny fits in with what I was trying to come up with for an idea on my own in it'll be an "epic" adventure. I for one can hardly wait.