Need post war of souls help..please



Mar 29, 2004 3:12:07
Hello all. Im new here, and i need some help on a couple of things real quick, i never read past dragons of summer flame. I loved 4th age too much. now i wanna step up and do a campaign in the age of mortals.

With Solamnia, are they planning to take back their lands? The Knights of Neraka have taken all most all of it!!

2, are they or the legion of steel at war with the knights of neraka at this point?

Please give any info on this that you can guys, im behind and cant read war of souls books fast enough....


Mar 30, 2004 6:41:38
*Warning: War of Souls Spoiler*

The Solamnics lost their capital! The first things they would be concerned about is gaining back what holds they had during the Age of Mortals, but lost during the War of Souls, then move on to places like Palanthas. Armies need a stable base from which to launch from, and the KoS don't have one.

Oh course this is all my own opinion and conclusion, which at the moment is all it is about. Just wait until Amber and Ashes and Chris' Key of Destiny. They should give us a couple of hints....

...which they should!


Mar 30, 2004 19:52:17
The knights still hold Sanction. Since they lost Solanthus I believe Sanction would be their main base of operations. Aside from that their are many Knights of Solamnia who own their own lands. Soth wasn't the only knight to own a castle or rule a town.