Traveling Plans (OT, please keep in DS forum though WizO :)



Mar 29, 2004 18:06:14
For those who may be interested....

I'm preparing to take a trip from Nashville, TN to Lompoc, CA the week after (or maybe a few days before) Easter. I'm moving back to my Mom's house to help her out with things, she's been pretty out of it since my Dad's death. As such, I'm going to be travelling by way of I-40. Anyone who happens to live along that route, and would like to actually meet me in real life, lemme know at my e-mail address (, however as my server will be going down while I'm moving, I'd suggest you rather use [email][/email]). I really won't have time for big detours, so.... if you're an hour or more out of the way, I won't be able to get to you....