Nerakan's Talons



Mar 30, 2004 6:24:44
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone had any idea has to how many Nerakan knights are assigned to a Talon.



Mar 30, 2004 8:12:22
The structure of the Knights of Takhisis during the Chaos War was as follows:

Talon 9 Knights of various types, with one 6th-level officer and one 3rd-level officer in command
Wing 5 Talons (45 knights), with one 7th-level officer and three 6th-level officers in command
Compgroup 7 Wings (350 Knights), with one 8th-level officer and three 7th-level officers in command
Shield 5 Companies(1575) plus support, with one 10th-level officer and three 9th-level officers in command
Quadron 4 Battalions(6300) plus support, with one 12th-level officer and three 11th-level officers in command
Army 7 Regiments (44100) plus support, with one 14th-level officer in command.

Yes, that's an awful lot of knights. It's been noted in the past that there were a heck of a lot of Knights of Takhisis if you go by the above statistics. It's stretching the limits a little. During the Age of Mortals, these orders of battle are likely to have been briefly codified and strengthened under Mirielle Abrena, but Targonne was more interested in the income he could garner from the Knighthood and once Mina came on the scene everything more or less went off the beaten path.



Mar 31, 2004 5:26:46
That is alot of knights. I only assumed that during the Chaos War, Ariakan's Army was made up of several dozen talons with a massive amount of support from Brutes, Goblins and mercs.


Mar 31, 2004 7:39:01
About 45000 knights + probably another 10000 to maybe even 20000 support is not that much if your trying to conqure entire continent.

Divide 7 regiments/Quadrons in different parts of Ansalon (because Dark Knights stroke every corner same time during that summer): Neraka, Solamnia, Tarsis/Kharolis, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Ergoth, Sanction...etc. It's only 6300 knights + support against many major castles/fortressis/cities. Not that much, if you think that any fortified place with good soldiers inside can even take 20 times enemies in siege (this is just average estimed).

BUT still - One might think: "Where the hell did they get all these men SECRETLY before Chaos War!?!?"
And "Where did they have their barracks. That Storm Keep is HUGE place."

Better not think too much about it

But would still be nice to know how much there are Dark Knights and Solamnics left after War of Souls? And where...