Q for Sov Press about the Tower of Wayreth



Mar 30, 2004 15:36:13
Hey peeps. I've got a question here for you...one that has been eggin' at me for a while, so I decided to just get it out there.

In the DLCS and the AoM book (and if I remember correctly even in the WoS to a certain extent) it is mentioned that the Tower of Wayreth was closed down...and lost.

Now, I could see this during and just prior to the War of Souls...as Beryl was really stepping up her attempts to find it, and it could have been a last resort by the Master of the Tower. But, according to the DLCS and AoM book the Tower was closed after the Last Conclave by Palin.

Now, this is in contrast to what was stated in The Last Tower (my personal favorite SAGA set next to The Bestiary ). TLT says that it stayed open to all sorcerers who wanted to study the old magic...even take [less potent] Tests of Sorcery. It was also open to sorcerers who just wished for a place remain hidden from the outside world and study sorcery in solitude...and the forest was protected by (along with the Master) by the great...uh...Bronze (or was he Copper?) dragon Shatraklaang.

So...I guess my question is...is the information in the DLCS/AoM:

A) Incorrect
B) My interpretation of what they are saying is incorrect.
C) Retconned (to possibly fit The Towers of High Sorcery and Wizards' Conclave)

Thanks for any info you can give!



Mar 31, 2004 15:13:30
Ok the Tower of Wayreth is lost, but I think it wouldn't be lost for long. Specially with the power Dalamar has.

During Legends Series Test of the Twins. Raistlin used the the portal of seeing(might of spelled it wrong, or named something else) to have the forest of Wayreth to "find" Caramon, Tas, Bupu, and Crysania. Raistlin was Master of the Tower of Palanthas but not of Wayreth and still was able to command it. Of course Raistlin was very powerful as well.

Now Dalamar was given the Head of the Black robes as well as being the Master of the Wizards of High Sorcerery. Why couldn't he use sometype of scrying device be it a crystal ball or whatnot. To do the samething to summon Wayreth forest to "find" himself, and therefore take resdence in the tower?


Mar 31, 2004 15:47:48
When we described the current situation of Wayreth in our game material, we went by the most recent source (the War of Souls books), taking also into account what the plans were for upcoming books. We did not discount the stuff going on in THE LAST TOWER. (Though Wayreth is definitely not the last Tower!) It will all make more sense after TOWERS OF HIGH SORCERY and WIZARD'S CONCLAVE by Doug Niles.

Jamie Chambers
Sovereign Press, Inc.


Mar 31, 2004 16:12:43
Originally posted by Dragontooth
Ok the Tower of Wayreth is lost, but I think it wouldn't be lost for long. Specially with the power Dalamar has.

That's my point...the Tower isn't lost...at least it wasn't supposed to be up until 420 AC.

Which means the information has either been retconned...or it's wrong...it can't be neither.


Mar 31, 2004 16:17:41
Well...it may not be the last Tower...but it was the last accessible Tower in the 5th Age (which was what I always took the title to mean...I never thought the Tower of Palanthas was destroyed...just "somewhere else.") And it was accessible.

Okay. I'll just trust you on that one...cause right now, it looks like to me that War of Souls says the Tower was closed, while all the SAGA stuff says it was just as open as it ever was to magic weilders seeking refuge.

Perhaps the Tower was just "closed?" If that makes any sense?

Of course Dragons of a Fallen Sun says the Tower of Wayreth was destroyed, too.