The Nightmaster



Mar 31, 2004 12:40:29
Nightmaster of Morgion

The Nightmaster of Morgion is the head of a cult of Morgion. Nightmasters exist to spread disease and corruption across Kyrnn. To do this they have been given a few unique gifts and access to dark knowledge by Morgion. Like all followers of Morgion Nightmasters are fanatical worshippers sense they know better then many the price of failure. This makes them extremely dangerous since they will go to any length to accomplish their master’s goals.
Nightmasters rarely work with other followers of Morgion outside their own cult. Thus two or more Nightmasters could be operating in the same area and never even know it.
In recent years a few mystics have shown the ability to imitate the powers of a Nightmaster. This has lead to much worry for followers of Mishakal.

Alignment: Any Evil
Feats: Leadership
Skills: 4 ranks in Hide
3 ranks in Move Silently
6 ranks in Craft (Alchemy)
Special: Ability to Cast 3rd level divine spells.
Special: Must have chosen the Pestilence Domain
Special: Must be infected with a lethal disease

Class Skills:
Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Alchemy) (Int), Disguise (Cha), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Spellcraft (Int).

Skill points at each level: 2 + Int modifier.

Level BAB F R W Special Ability Spells Per Day

1      0    2 0 2 Posion Use,
                  Diseased Death
2      1    2 0 2 Darkvision 30ft,    +1 level of existing class
              Disease Poision

3      2    3 1 3 Contagion +1 level of existing class

4      3   4 1 4 Fast Infection +1 level of existing class

5      3    4 1 4 Pestilence

6      4   5 2 5 Imp. Poision Disease +1 level of existing class

7      5   5 2 5                         +1 level of existing class

8      6   6 2 6 Imp. Pestilence +1 level of existing class

9      6   6 3 6 Chosen Disease

10      7  7 3 7 Greater Pestilence +1 level of existing class

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Nightmaster of Morgion is proficient with no weapons, armor or shields.

Spells per Day: When a Nightmaster of Morgion gains levels 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in whatever spellcasting class she belonged to. She does not gain any of the other benefits of the class.

Disease Poison: The Nightmaster of Morgion can make a craft (alchemy) skill check to concoct a poison that has an affect of a known disease. The DC of the check is set at the DC of the disease +4. The poisons have the same type as the infection. They count as a poison. Example Nightmaster Targon makes a poison version of mindfire. The DC of the alchemy check is 16. It is an inhaled poison. Otherwise it remains the same as mindfire.

Poison Use: Nightmasters never risk accidental poisoning when applying poisons.

Diseased Death (Ex): When a Nightmaster dies the infection that turned him towards Morgion is released. Anything coming in contact with the body is subject to the disease that infected the Nightmaster.

Darkvision: A Nightmaster gains Darkvision 30 ft. If the Nightmaster already has Darkvision the affects stack.

Contagion (Sp): At 3rd level a Nightmaster gains the ability to use the Contagion spell as a spell like ability once per day per class level. The DC for the saving throw is 13+ the Nightmasters wisdom modifier.

Fast Infection: At 4th level the Nightmaster’s can choose to make disease poisons that take affect in seconds. The disease poisons incubation time is now 1 round. Every round after that they have to make a new save until the save is made. Doing this increases the Craft (alchemy) check by 6.

Pestilence (Su): Starting at 5th level a Nightmaster is surrounded by pestilence. All enemies within 10 feet of the Nightmaster must make a Fort save or be become sickened for 1d6+ 4 minutes. DC is 10+ level of the Nightmaster + Con modifier. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected by a pestilence for 24 hours. Creatures immune to diseases are not affected by this.

Improved Disease Poison: A Nightmaster at 6th level can choose to increase the DC of his disease poison by 1. Doing this raises the Craft (Alchemy) check by 4 for every point that he increases it. If choosing to do both a fast infection and improving the disease poison the check is raised by 10.

Improved Pestilence (Su): At 6th level the Nightmaster’s pestilence range increases by 10 feet.

Chosen Disease: At 9th level the Nightmaster chooses a disease, when he makes a disease poison its DC is now increased by 2.

Greater Pestilence (Su): At 10th level the Nightmaster’s pestilence range increases again by 10 feet. Also anyone who fails the saving throw is also nauseated for 1d6+ 4 rounds.

I was bored the other day and thought I would make a prc. Since I was rereading the Legend Of Huma this is what I chose to make. It is meant to be more of a villian prc but if your running an evil game you should be able to use it.

Some thoughts about it. A powergamer could knock up the posions to astronomical levels with skill increasing items. So I was forced to make the checks on them fairly high. Also I feel that seventh level needs something but I'm not sure what. A friend suggested greater fort but I'm not so certain. I might just leave it blank.

Well any suggestions would be appreciated.

edit: Crap my table didn't carry over so well so here we go again.
Okay it is really ugly but is readable.

Edit x 2: Okay fixed the spell casting levels. Added bluff to the skills, new special requirment.


Mar 31, 2004 19:40:51
Looks like an interesting concept.

On to the nitpicking:

1. Requirements: Since the Nightmasters are heads of various cults of Morgion, shouldn't it be more difficult to join? How about these additional requirements:

a. The Nightmaster to be must have suffered the effects of a near deadly disease (e.g. one that caused Con damage) and then recovered (perhaps through a bargain with either Morgion or a outsider in service to Morgion). Perhaps also the disease must have left the future Nightmaster with some permanent ability drain.

2. Spells per Day: The advancement in spellcasting ability listed in the table doesn't match that listed in the text. I was wondering, why the unusual spell progression? Most prestige classes either give a bump to an existing spellcasting level every other level, or every level, or every level but the 1st.

3. Nightmasters get Darkvision 30 ft., what happens if they already have Darkvision as a benefit of their race? Does it increase by 30 ft. or does it not stack?

4. For 7th level: How about an Improved Poision Creation ability, where the Nightmaster need only spend 1/4 of the poison's market value rather than 1/3 of the amount as is normal with the craft rules.

5. Skills: How about giving them Bluff as well, since Rennard of the Legend of Huma was quite good at bluffing his way past all the Solamnic Knights around which he was constantly hanging around.


Mar 31, 2004 21:51:24
Good Points about a few of them

1. Actually it is somewhat hard to get since you have to have a specific domain and requires a few cross class skills but that does bring up your second point. I should of made a special requirment of has to of been infected with a lethal disease. I think I will edit that in.

2. Actually that was my fault when I edited it I added the 1st level increase which was supposed to be skipped. I've been quibbling over the spellcasting progression and debated whether or not the gain is worth the loss of two levels. Were the powers better or not. I finally decided to play it safe.

3. Actually that is not a bad idea. I was trying to find how they handled the cost of poision before I posted but couldn't find it in my Players Handbook (Other then the base costs in the DMG) and how that would affect the cost of the disease poisons.

4. Skills once again this is something that I didn't even think of. I was actually thinking of Rennard and the Nightmaster in the Legend of Huma when I made this. I gave it disguise from him but bluff will certainly benifit him.

So here I go to edit it again.