3ed Gully Dwarves



Mar 31, 2004 19:07:33
Alright, here is something that has been bothering me since the new Dragonlance Campaign setting hit the shelves. If you rolled an 18, you could have a Gully Dwarf wizard with 14 intelligence. By the time this overly intelligent Aghar has reached 20th level, he could have a total of 19 intelligence allowing him to cast 9th level spells. WOW! What an amazing Gully Dwarf. How many of you out there still use the 1st and 2nd edition rules for rolling up your Gully Dwarf characters? Does anyone use a varation of those old rolls? Or am I the only one that spends his nights awake thinking about these crazy hero Aghar with access to Wish spells!? Can you imagine the amount of dead lizards a Wish spell could create?


Mar 31, 2004 19:20:00
That's true. Of course, that gully dwarf Wizard would have to actually survive until 20th level ...


Mar 31, 2004 20:09:22
for the player persistant enough to play a gully dwarf to twentieth level, i'd say thats a perfectly good reward.
for the gm dumb enough to allow a gully dwarf wizard, let alone one that lives that long without stigma or some wierd bending of the rules, i'd say that's a perfectly good punishment.


Mar 31, 2004 20:13:40
Originally posted by talinthas
i'd say that's a perfectly good punishment.

I would have to say that he would be getting off light. Gully dwarves don't make good wizards, plain and simple. That particular wizard would have a doozie of a time passing the Test of High Sorcery not to mention would be the laughing stock of the entire organization. If you chose to go the route of the renegade, the conclave would exterminate him without a thought, that much power being wielded by such a weak minded individual would surely catch their attention. Why do you suppose there hasn't been any know kender wizards?


Mar 31, 2004 20:18:58
Originally posted by iltharanos
Of course, that gully dwarf Wizard would have to actually survive until 20th level ...

I'm taking that as a challenge. If no one else in my group wants to play an arcane spellcaster, I'm going to play a gully dwarf wizard.


Mar 31, 2004 21:04:47
When 3rd edition first came about, it offered many changes for one's D&D game. Dragonlance benefited from many of those changes. Certainly, it seems to be a model setting for how prestige classes should be used.

One of those changes was that any race could take any base class. For the most part, this change is a good one, but does it actually work for Dragonlance?

Certainly, the idea of having kender or gully dwarf wizards is a bit odd. The idea that a gully dwarf, the stupidest race of Ansalon, could become a wizard seems silly. Kender have never meshed well with magic, either.

What about other classes? Certainly, the noble seems like a tough sell. Perhaps for something like the Highbulp, but still.

Yet the flipside of this coin is that these types of characters are those one-in-a-million characters who break the mold, to go beyond racial stereotypes to become something bigger and better.

So what do you guys think? Is 3rd edition's rule that any race can take any base class good for Dragonlance?


Mar 31, 2004 22:04:33
I think that yes....yes it certainly is......purely for the roleplaying aspects.....let me continue to use the gully dwarf wizard for the example.

Gloopmub, an exceptionally intelligent aghar finds that he has an affinity for magic. He found this out when the evil wizard who kept him as little better than a slave cast spells in front of him. Being a curious member of his race he wondered if he did the exact same things that his black robed master did if he could make the same wonderful things happen.

Gloopmub took the time to painstakingly pilfer all the necessary componets from his masters supply and watched him very carefully when he cast his easiest spells, and one day Gloopmub was finally able to achieve success.

After some heroes freed Gloopmub from slavery, he went out into the world and took most of his now deceased master's magical supplies with him. After a time he found that the headband his master wore was in fact a headband of intellect....

The aghar grew more and more intelligent as time went on, both from using the few lucky magical items that he found, and from his near obsessive study of his masters lore.

Tower officials found him eventually, and brought him to the tower to take the test after a heated debate among the conclave.

Will Gloopmub take his test? Will he gain a robe and respect from the other members of the conclave?

Only time will tell......


Apr 01, 2004 4:43:10
Aye, that certainly is an interesting concept and great source for an unique roleplaying experience.

Come to think of it, it'd be fun to run a campaign based on the "small heroes" of Krynn. An entire group of PCs containing only gully dwarves, kender and gnomes. Weirdness and humor for certain but with possibilities for serious high fantasy and epic adventures as well.


Apr 02, 2004 14:20:54
Originally posted by Dragonhelm
So what do you guys think? Is 3rd edition's rule that any race can take any base class good for Dragonlance?

My opinion is - THAT all races should have COMMON CLASSES. This list would include classes (Base and Prestige) that member of this race could choose in the beginning of game. And all members usually would be only from these classes.

Other classes would be possible, BUT HIGHLY UNLIKE. And there usually wouldn't be any members, among own people, that could teach these classes, so character should go to world to find teacher/mentor.

Gully Dwarf Common Base Classes could be:
Barbarian, Commoner, Mystic, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior.

So, if intelligent Gully Dwarf would like to become wizard and learn arcane spell-casting he/she would have to journey to world to find teacher first. And who would really take Gully Dwarf (even kind of intelligent one) as apprentice... Well, rest is up to GM and good old role-playing.


Apr 02, 2004 17:31:07
That's an interesting concept, Crown. In a way, a variant of the Favored Class.

I think there needs to be a balance of some sort when working with races like Gully Dwarves. On the one hand, I believe in free multi-classing, but I want a good background story so I can believe it.

If Serena had come to me as a player with that background for a wizard, I would have allowed it. I think of characters like that as the 1-in-a-million exception to the rule. Player characters are the exception to the rule anyway, and race/class combos like gully dwarf wizards are even more rare.


Apr 02, 2004 17:38:20
Awww garsh DH, ya got me blushin! ;) Im really thinking about fleshing that story out a bit....It was in the dark of another coffee induced 3 AM morning...I saw the question, could a gully dwarf beat the odds and become a wizard? And the story just came to me......

And the more and more I think about the story, the more there is to it.....so, I tell you all, tune in very soon for the continuing tale of Gloopmub, Aghar Wizard!