The name



Apr 04, 2004 15:58:38
Where did they get the name Alternity?

Was this a good name for the product?

Why didn't they advertise it better or it all?


Apr 10, 2004 17:59:43
1. It was an alternative to D&D.

2. Who knows?

3. It was advertised a lot and they had several worldbooks for it.


Apr 12, 2004 20:47:36
where was it advertised outside of Dragon?

I talked with J D Wiker about advertising on mainstream media for WoTC products. He said they don't plan to advertise D20 Future hoping word of mouth carries the day. Good luck with that!!


Apr 13, 2004 22:06:43
Check out the D20 system sci-fi board. They're already talking about it and wondering what it will have inside. So it should be interesting to see how much interest D20 Future will generate.


May 05, 2004 7:43:27
On a sci fi board is a good start, but it won't generate a single more player than without advertising. The opportunity boat is leaving the WoTC dock!!


May 06, 2004 4:29:19

Other than product placement -- like in the GE commercial -- I've yet to see a 30-second TV commercial advertisement pitching D&D since the start of the new millenium. In fact, I've yet to see ANY other RPG company advertising their wares on TV.

If WotC willing, they should shell $2 Mil for a spot on Thursday's Friends series finale episode. That's about as much it would cost to air a commercial during the Super Bowl (but Janet Jackson showing her puppy is free).


May 06, 2004 20:43:26
Who is in charge should consider shelling out the money somewhere along the line. I guess they are satisfied with the market as is.

I think a young marketing rep wanting to move up could hatch a plan to advertise which would bring in the bucks!! Hope there is one out there.