Greetings! Salutations! Nordom is in need of assistance....



Apr 04, 2004 20:44:28
WWHhhhhhrrrr.......greetings! *Chirp! Chirp!* Nordom is in need of assistance. Any and all welcome. Nordom is coordinator of a Planscape game, and desires the use of Tarsheva Longreach as an NPC. Said desire may eventually lead to further details of said NPC. Query: How would you assign classes to Tarsheva Longreach? Primary class: Ranger? Secondary class: Rogue?
Any assistance will be greatly reciprocated......*click* *CLICK* *whhhhrrrrrrrllllllll* error......appreciated.

(Awaiting replies)


Apr 04, 2004 21:39:06
Actually, that sounds about right, for the most part. If not rogue, I would suggest either bard or wizard, just to gain access to (knowledge (the Planes) as a class skill. Also, survival would be a necessary skill for her to have, and possibly intimidation. Planar Expertise from the Planewalker website is also a skill she probably has. I would also think that she would have a pretty high intelligence score.

And, just for your information, Primus visits here from time to time, so I'd suggest you take appropriate measures to avoid him. And don't tell him I warned you.


Apr 04, 2004 22:31:20
That chaotic clock is under Xanxost's protection! Primus knows better than to mess with it. *nods vigerously*

After all...but not before...a chaotic modron brings hope to all the others.


Apr 04, 2004 22:50:09
Gratitudes! Thank you! whhhhrrrrr......*click*.....
Processing......Xanxost........Creature: Slaad. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.......Nordom expresses gratitude for Odds that Xanxost will change his (its?) mind....99.9998%. Give or take .0045%. Oh well, Nordom expresses gratitude while offer lasts.


Apr 05, 2004 0:06:20
Maybe a bard/ranger/planar champion. Planar champions are described in the Manual of the Planes, and the PrC seems to fit her.


Apr 07, 2004 21:14:14
Additionally, the Unearthed Arcana book has several variant classes - the Planar Ranger strikes me as being immediately applicable. I would agree to rogue levels as well, in addition to several items used in ingenious ways to preserve her own life.