An interesting planar adventure idea...



Apr 04, 2004 23:10:06
From the SRD, Artifact Section (MagicItemsVI.rtf), everyone's favorite item: the Deck of Many Things:

Flames: Hot anger, jealousy, and envy are but a few of the possible motivational forces for the enmity. The enmity of the outsider can’t be ended until one of the parties has been slain. Determine the outsider randomly, and assume that it attacks the character (or plagues her life in some way) within 1d20 days.


Apr 04, 2004 23:39:48
If the prime berk is still alive after playing around with a deck, there is a decent chance he still has a "save my butt" card (fates I think) that still owes him. Other cards may have empowered him in other ways, too.