Where to begin?



Apr 20, 2004 9:50:42
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Yesterday I walked into a Gamekeeper in Salt Lake and found that they were having a 70% - 80% off sale on everything in the store! :D

While I looked around for anything, I noticed the Dragonlance Campaign Setting for 12 bucks. Being unable to resist an entire campaign setting for so cheap, I purchased it. However, I now have a problem. I've never read but 47 pages of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. (Somehow the story just didn't grab me back then.) Is it necessary to have read any of the DL novels to play in Krynn? I'm starting to fall in love with just about everything in the book except gnomes and I just want to know if I have to do a lot of reading now?

As well, is the Dragonlance Campaign Setting DM screen worth buying? IE What's it come with? (Please be specific.) I don't know if I want to go whole hog with the Age of Mortals and the Bestiary just yet but I'm always open to a new screen.

Thank you for your time and any responses.


Apr 20, 2004 16:46:20
It does really help if you have read the main Weiss and Hickman novels, but you can run a perfectly good Dragonlance game without having done so. Everyone makes a setting their own after all.

The DL screen is a nice addition to a regular DM screen, as it holds DL specific information rather than the charts and notes that you normally get. The book that comes with it has sample NPC's, details on how MM monsters fit into the setting, and has the missing height/weight and starting cash tables.
I'd say its worth it if you have the cash spare.