Need help balancing faction prestige classes.



Apr 20, 2004 19:32:28
I have created faction prestige classes for and would like opinions or suggestions. The file can be found at the Yahoo 3e planescape group.

Prestige classes...

Any help is appreciated.


Apr 28, 2004 10:48:01
*Tiefling comes around and takes a look about*

"I'd say it's all pretty good except for a few smatterings. Like for the Indeps, no weapon proficiencies? At least give'em some credit with a light weapon, like a rapier or a dagger in the least.

Perhaps there should be a sub-section of cutters. Example, since not every Mercykiller's a warrior, I've known some bloods from the Red's that are wizards with frighteningly devastating spells saved just for the more chaotic types, perhaps they should have abilities that could hammer down on law-breakers.

Well it's just a suggestion, but otherwise everything's good by this basher's brain-box. Maybe you could help me with creating prestige classes for plane-touched folks such as myself, or at least in creating PDF files. I've got it in my head to make a class utilizing what ancestory a berk has and "tapping" into it so to speak in order to use some of those more.....interesting things that say, fiends could do. Like lightning bolts or upping our resistances. Just a thought."


Apr 30, 2004 14:57:56
That would be a cool idea, have you seen the savage progression for tiefling to half-fiend though- sam idea, different outcome.


Apr 30, 2004 21:13:30
"Actually I have seen the savage progressions for Tieflings to Half-fiends. And in awesome idea it is. Three levels, massive power, indeed a truly interesting spectacle.

Also, depending on the power involved, a tiefling may have to be evil in order to become half-fiend. Personally, I'm not too keen on that, but who knows if ya kind stumble to the dark of it in a different fasion.

With the prestige class I'm working on, I hope to get other plane-touched cutters a chance to get in touch with there "ancestry" not just tieflings anymore, but allowing other types such as aasimar *shudders* genasi and the like to get some racial feats as well."