In which cy is your campaign set?



Apr 20, 2004 22:16:12
I'm, very, very happy with Greyhawk, but I'm having a pickle of a time deciding which point in history to set my campaign.

I really like Gygax's 576 Gazetteer- what with The Great Kingdom, Horned Society, and Baklunish threats...but that's mainly because I've only just begun reading the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.

So out of curiosity, which setting/time do you play/dm in, and why?


Apr 20, 2004 23:14:43
I play in 592 CY, the campaign started in 591 and we eventually moved into 592.

Why do I play in the 590's? Well, mainly because I was introduced to Greyhawk through the LGG and that's when it was set. I've read some other Greyhawk products but I prefer a post-war feel to the Cold War feel the earlier products had.


Apr 21, 2004 1:25:32
my current GH campaign is set in 592 CY. like CP I started in 591... when I started my 2nd (monday night) greyhawk game I set it in 592 as well.


Apr 21, 2004 2:33:15
Mine is set in Nyrond in 585. You can't beat the climate of sheer despair. Bandits on the road, farms and fields deserted, people looking over their shoulder for the tax collector, and a king who just don't know when to quit.

The ideas for adventures practically write themselves! (plus I get to use the superb The Marklands accessory as it is )

Plug in the Night Below campaign set and you can imagine the nightmare for the players


Apr 21, 2004 7:37:09
Again in 592 CY.
Cause we started in 576 and we play all the years through 592! The funniest is that it was 16 years ago, and we manage to play not every day, of course, to stay in phase with the original characters campaign.


Apr 21, 2004 8:59:24
Both campaigns I run are set in early 591. The main campaign only meets once a month or so and started the first day of 591. The Wednesday night newbie campaign started in spring 591. Neither has advanced the timeline a great deal yet.

The main campaign originally started in 582 CY back in 1998 and when 3rd ed came out, I advanced the timeline to 591. Decided there needed to be a time change do to the changes between 2nd ed. and 3rd.


Apr 21, 2004 9:05:43
Unknown: It takes place on the Rhizia. The party never hears of the outside world and dates and other political measures are of no interest to them, nor are they to anyone in the surrounding provinces.


Apr 21, 2004 9:51:55
My DM has us advanced all the way to somewhere around 616-20 with the new campaign we started a couple of months ago. One of our best friends passed away so we stopped what we had been doing with him in our epic campaign. We were actually playing a different game at the time so stopping wasn't too hard. A couple of us decided to make the sons (By different mothers) of our friend's epic level character. We wanted to keep that history alive so we didn't start over, we just advanced the campaign far enough for his sons to be grown enough to be adventurers. Their father is now a hero-deity/demigod and our characters are founding members of his faith. His adventuring companions, also epic level, are still active PC's 20 years later and we'll be playing them soon as well. My PC has been living on another plane so he hasn't aged.

We have been playing in GH for a long time and we re-start campaigns every few years. We reference campaigns by Golden Age, Silver Age, Current Age etc. Our longest campaign took my favorite character and message board namesake from 18 to his mid-fifties. We skip ahead a year or two here and there for story purposes but this recent 20 years is the furthest we've gone in one jump. Usually it's to make a magic item, build a keep or be involved in some political intrigue.


Apr 21, 2004 10:15:10
I usually play around 579 cy, though most of the time I don't have history affect the players unless they are at the right place at the right time.



Apr 21, 2004 10:55:13
One is set in 576, and is the classic ToEE.
One is set in 295-, and is based on the Tavish era of Keoland. (Although it is also currently on hiatus.)


Apr 21, 2004 13:21:30
My game is all messed up. Officially its 592, but as the campaign is running the classic 1e modules, those events haven't happened yet. Basically I'm using the names and such in the LGG for easy reference, but the timeline is more classic. Strange I know but none of the players are Greyhawk experts so they don't mind. When we get done with the A/G/D/Q series we'll go to Greyhawk and use the city boxed set, which I'm sure is another era altogether, but oh well! I want to get all the good stuff in.


Apr 21, 2004 14:13:20
585 CY and the party is currently in the month of Readying.

Campaign is centered in the town of Godakin Keep in the County of Flen in western Keoland. Party is dealing with the defense of Keoland's borders from the rabble of Sterich. In this campaign I've given vibrant life to this area of Keoland and the party is enjoying adventuring in this area enormously.

Right now they're 4th level and looking forward to spring, when the ruler of the keep (Lord Artanon) is planning to strike back at the rabble infesting the western side of the Javan river...


Apr 21, 2004 20:42:28
My campaign's calendar just flipped to 584 CY. Up til now, the Greyhawk Wars haven't had a whole lot of effect on the adventures of the PCs... but the few months between Needfest and Harvester of 584 are possibly the most jam-packed with the sort of historical events that make players drop their jaws & say, "Please tell me this travelling bard was using Perform (jesting)!!"


Apr 21, 2004 22:17:29
I'm not currently running a game, but the last one I did run was set in the frontiers of Ferrond, on the shores of Lake Whyestil in 175 CY.

I've run other games in the 570s as well. I haven't run a game set in any later timeperiods yet, mostly because I hadn't been an active player during the times that products were released that advanced the timeline (I only returned to D&D and GH in late 1999 (after being away from 1987 or so).

The wonderful game I've been playing in (Tizoc's campaign FYI) is set in 583 CY IIRC, in the Wild Coast, in the months just before the Turrosh Mak uprising.


Apr 22, 2004 7:35:24
592 CY but only because the game I inherited from the previous GM (who wanted to play instead) had set his then; if it were up to me, I'd have set it up just prior to the onset of the Greyhawk Wars.

Oh well, guess I'll have to have a new war to kick off.


Apr 22, 2004 12:13:30
The campaign I'm running started in summer of CY 590. (I know the LGG assumes the date to be 591, but 590 worked better with the characters' backgrounds and ages - the father of two of the PCs fought at the Battle of Emridy Meadows, which was the same year that the older character was born.)


Apr 22, 2004 21:21:55
I just started a new campaign, and to begin events in my campaign that go beyond the LGG I have decided to set the time time in Sunsebb 592CY. Right in western Keoland, the adventure has just begun.



Apr 23, 2004 23:09:18
Thanx greatly for the replies; you've given me much to consider, and a desire to track down more greyhawk resourses.


Apr 25, 2004 17:11:01
Originally posted by Elendur
My game is all messed up. Officially its 592, but as the campaign is running the classic 1e modules, those events haven't happened yet.

I can't help but have my players experience the classic 1e and 2e modules even though we are always staying with the official timeline. I just take what I can from the old modules that will fit into my current campaign and mix with the later to current Greyhawk material. Greyhawk products and make it an epic adventure. I feel that if I don't let the younger players experience what I did when I was their age, I am robbing them of the foundation of D&D. Keep on playing those old 1e modules my friend because you are doing your players a great service.


Apr 25, 2004 18:22:14
My campaign is set in 586 CY, the PC's are in the middle of the Great Northern campaign. I have the PC's working as part of a Mercenary force being used to combat invading forces from Iuz and two other mysterious factions.
One of which is a group of well organized orcs and what appears to be a contingent of Iuz forces from Crockport but these units appear to be using Perrenland armor and weapons with the insignia of a force from Crockport.
This contingent is based around an abandoned ancient elvin tower. The party just witnessed a massacre at this location with both human an orcish bodies littered everywhere.