Dark sun forum



Apr 20, 2004 23:23:58
Are there other DS forum out there? Even old forum that nobody post on it anymore.


Apr 20, 2004 23:29:16
Xlorep's once he gets his back up.

You can also check out the Dark Sun mailing list.


I've got a few mailing lists geared toward the villichi and allowing exalted deeds book for DS, but they are pretty dead right now since I am concentrating on doing my own D20 rules.


Apr 21, 2004 0:25:43
Well, once I can get the money to switch to a Static IP, I'll be set to go once again. Oh, and for some reason my server has decided it can't resolve it's own hostname/domainname, which I'm currently fighting with it over. And since it won't do that, my webpages are down (apache webserver, for some reason, needs to be able to reference itself in order to provide a webpage), so until I get that fixed, I can't work on getting the Dragon/Avangion write-ups for everyone who requested them.


Apr 21, 2004 20:27:18
I think there is one at the web site dndplanet dot something or planetdnd dot something.

Another is located on realmofevil.net or something similar URL