the Reggelid in ToA



Apr 22, 2004 18:13:37
Just a question, the Reggelid in ToA is described as being EXTREMELY thin, even moreso than an elf. They are so thin they appear as if their skin covers only bones.

With that description in mind, I was curious to see that their stats are +2 STR and +2 CON (on top of the +8 INT). I was just wondering if I could get some additional info from the Monster Bureau as to why reggelids are stronger and heartier than other races? (One of my players wants to play one, and such as I'm trying to get a greater understanding of them).


Apr 23, 2004 3:12:29
Thanks for mentioning this, Porkchops - I'm not sure what I was thinking when I gave the reggelids those physical stats. Very odd. Anyway, we just put our heads together at the Bureau and agree that the physical mods to Str and Con should both be dropped. Replace them with a +2 Dex modifier and leave the Int mod as it is. This is to reflect their physical similarities to elves - I can't see any justification for making them stronger or heartier than other core races.


Apr 23, 2004 7:55:01
Maybe it's their dashing good looks?


Apr 23, 2004 9:02:37
Or possibly that they are strengthened by the magical forces that they weild?


Apr 23, 2004 9:41:54
That would have actually been my guess. I always pictured the Reggs as being sort of a conglomerate of creatures, despite their appearance. Possibly some insect strength in there?

No "spider-sense" jokes, please.


Apr 23, 2004 11:28:25
These are all cool ideas but the issue came down to a lack of precedence of any kind whatsoever in the 2e material, or even in my text for the 3e version. It was really a design error on my part and it seems a bit daft to come up with justifications for what amounts to my goofery :D

(Mind you, I do like the spidey-style ideas, though. Might be an idea for a reggelid racial class/paragon class. Hmmm... *adds to appropriate list*)


Apr 26, 2004 6:04:21
Another older topic, but alas. . . .

Strength is not just muscles. Speed can equate to physical strength as well (oftentimes, more so). If something hits very fast, it will hit very hard as well, regardless of its size. From a martial arts background, I'm about 150 lbs with a decent punch of a 250 lber. Not bad for a scrawny wuss. Granted, most people of fitness at 250 lbs can still lift a heck of a lot more than I can even think of without fearing for a quick herrinea, but for the purpose of assigning str to creatures, your not likely to be thinking in terms of carrying capacities for monsters. The 2e breakdown of stats (and Nyt's recent revival of the idea) was a much better way to get this kind of idea across of having a very strong character who wasn't neccessarily Conan (the barbarian, not O'Brian).

So, as far as the Reggilids are concerned, you can very well keep the Str bonus. Very long limbs and deft speed could be what give them their inherient strength. If its precendent that is an issue, then simply give them an ability that adds x number of str points to all checks involving attack and damage, but not other str based stuff. I rather liked them as is, it worked to throw the PCs of guard when I described them and they figured they were either rogue or mage - like, not brawlers. Another break from the stereotype.


Apr 26, 2004 9:42:55
That's a pretty good point. A great white's bite strength isn't much greater than a human's, but when you add a 20-30 mph head-start to it, it changes things.



Apr 26, 2004 15:19:19

Orcas kick more arse though.

Course they're bigger too.