Postfest Voting is open!!



Apr 22, 2004 20:57:31
[shameless plug]

Hi all! The Postfest articles about Mysterious Places are up on Canonfire! so head on over there and take a look at them.

You can vote for your 3 favorite articles by sending an e-mail to [email][/email]. The votes are weighted, so be sure you put your favorite first like so:

1. article name
2. article name
3. article name

Also include your Cannonfire! membername, otherwise your vote won't be counted. If you don't have a Cannonfire! membership, get one! It's free and gives you full access to lots of Greyhawky goodness. :D

[/shameless plug]


Apr 22, 2004 21:36:02
note, you put the wrong URL in for



Apr 22, 2004 22:04:20
:embarrass Oops! Thanks for the correction, Omote. I have amended my post! :embarrass

Now there are two correct links to Canonfire!

EDIT:Also fixed the broken e-mail link. If you tried to submit your vote and couldn't, try it again. It should go through this time. Sorry for being such a block-head!