Question for Greyhawk Fans and long-time Dragon Mag readers



Apr 28, 2004 16:57:09
I'm trying to find out if an article titled "The Forbidden Library of Vecna" (or some such... it dealt with magical/cursed tomes in Vecna's stacks) was ever published. It would have appeared in Dragon Magazine in 1999 or 2000. Does anybody know? Can anybody help?

(I'm asking because I'm sorting through my files, trying to line them up with what has and hasn't been published. I was never good about keeping contributor copies of Dragon--the only one I've got is the 1995 April Fool's issue, actually. If the material HASN'T been published, I'll probably file off the serial numbers and put it up on my website.)



Apr 28, 2004 17:17:32
'The Secret Library of Vecna', in Dragon 272 (June 2000). The spells are cool.


Apr 28, 2004 17:18:19
there is this one: The Secret Library of Vecna-Dragon- Issue 272, Vol. XXV, No. 1, June 2000


Apr 28, 2004 18:23:46
Thanks for the info!