Apr 28, 2004 18:06:08
Howdy :D

I've been searching for more information on the Flan hero god Vathris for a little while and haven't been able to come up with anything other than his game stats (i.e. alignment, domains, favored weapon) so far. I did a search at Canonfire that didn't turn up hardly any hits either. Looks like he's a pretty mysterious guy ;)

Any help would be appreciated, hopefully fluff rather than crunch if you've got it. Basically I'm looking for something to build on, so even a brief background on him would be great. Thanks in advance


Apr 29, 2004 9:16:42
I got 3 hits out of the GreyTalk archives which all pointed to the LGJ #3, fyi.


Apr 29, 2004 10:59:04
Living Greyhawk's Perrenland Web site has THIS to offer. It is not Vathris specific, but it can be a start in his development.

My region's Web site also has a few stats HERE, but you may already know this stuff.

Good luck. And let us know if you find or develop anything.


Apr 29, 2004 16:57:43
Thanks for having a look-see for some information. Geuss there isn't a whole lot out there on the ole 'Net.

I'll look into digging up the Living Greyhawk Journal and let you know if I work up anything on him myself

Good luck & happy gaming, everybody!


Apr 29, 2004 17:14:01
There are only two "official" sources of information on this guy (outside LG sites). The first, as noted, is LGJ#3, which contains his first appearance and a brief write-up of his history, dogma, etc. The second is "Into the Bright Desert," an article that appears in Dungeon #98. Specifically, look on page 32 of the Polyhedron section of that issue, under the header "The Twisted Canyon."

--Erik Mona
Vathris's Dad


Apr 29, 2004 17:45:17
Will do, and thanks for the pointers.

Keep up the good work, Erik!