Ravenloft / Realms dual-campaign



Apr 30, 2004 1:08:20
Alright - so, the other day, my friend and I were eating breakfast at a diner at 3:00 AM. I started talking about Ravenloft to him, and he mentioned "Wow, that sounds cool - never played it before." Meanwhile, he starts mentioning stuff about the Realms, and I'm like, "That's cool, never played it before."

Anyway, we're talking, and we get to talking about the Shadow Rift, and I mention how Gwydion is stuck in this portal between the Plane of Shadow, and the Rift. He mentions how there's creatures from the Plane of Shadow (Sharn? Maybe? dunno what he said) and how there's this thing known as the Shadow Weave in Realms.

So, we get to discussing, and we're thinking we could prolly run a pretty nifty mini-campaign to campaign here involving both realms. We'd start the peeps out in different sessions and even convince them they're different games, and slowly intertwine the stories until we get to the "finale" - which we think it'd be really cool if BBEG's were trying to open Gwydion's portal from either side.

I'd be handling the Ravenloft part of the game, and I've access to the Shadow Rift, and most other products, but not the new Shadow Fey book (yet). I guess I'm posting this to get more ideas - I'd still like to maintain Ravenloft feel, but I don't know how close I can stick to canon, because it might be good for these groups to somehow develop a form of communication (more on this below).

For example - the Nightmare Lands are supposed to be connected to the plane of Dreams, so perhaps the PC's in Ravenloft figure they need to get in contact, so they delve into the Nightmare Lands to try to find a Realm's PC's nightmare, or some Dreamweaver to deliver a message - heh, I think it'd be nifty if a PC is dreaming of being chased in a jungle by a great cat, and all of the sudden that cat starts telling you this message while it's eating your leg.

Anybody have some nifty ideas? As I said, I don't know how close I can stay to canon, especially if someone else is DMing another game, but if anybody can think of cool scenes, or a nice connection between the Realms / Ravenloft, or anything on these boards that I missed with my recent searches - it'd be appreciated. Thanks!


Apr 30, 2004 2:26:13
Some connections between the Realms and Ravenloft

Certain domains have Darklords that originate in the realms, and their domains contain various Faerunian elements...

eg Hazlik is a former Red Wizard of Thay

von Kharkov is from Cormyr.

Tristan Hiregaard is from Vaasa.

Also, the language "Vaasi" can be considered identical to Faerunian common.


May 02, 2004 1:25:58
I think it's a cool idea. Too tired to come up with helpful suggestions at the moment, though.


May 04, 2004 16:02:11
Originally posted by QuentinGeorge
Also, the language "Vaasi" can be considered identical to Faerunian common.

Actually, Vaasi should have more in common with the language Damaran than with Faerunian Common. Ravenloft is a land of isolation and the languages should also be that way.

Castle Spulzeer and The Forgotten Terror are two adventures, one set in the Realms and the other in Ravenloft, respectively in which to draw Realms characters into Ravenloft if there is ever a need.

The Morninglord church actually came from the Realms, Lathander Morninglord, god of Dawn.

There is no plane of Dreams in the Realms cosmology, so you'll have to notify your friend to either add the plane or you may end up with problems.