Greyhawk City Info?



Apr 30, 2004 13:36:03
Hi there,

could someone tell me where I can find some detailed information on Greyhawk City? I've just taken over a new group, and the players are headed there. I know a bit about the world, but not the city.

Help, anyone?


Apr 30, 2004 13:42:34
Maldin's City of Greyhawk


Apr 30, 2004 15:24:12
if you can find them the 2e products The city of greyhawk boxed set, and greyhawk:the adventure begins can be mined for all kinds of useful information...


May 01, 2004 0:59:13
Thanks, the link is helpful. As for the boxed set, I don't think it's available here anymore... I wonder if they'll convert it some time.


May 01, 2004 1:08:14
The Living Greyhawk Journal published a series of two or three articles about various quarters of the city. See the LGJ index on CF! for a listing: