Help with GreyTalk



Apr 30, 2004 16:55:03
Alright...It's been a few weeks since I visited the chat and seems the format has changed. I tried to login, but kept getting a runtime error. I am not very internet savy and am using AOL as my default ISP. Please advise how to log in now. Do I have to download the mIRC thingy? Do I have to $ub$cribe to something?



Apr 30, 2004 16:59:10
I was having the same problem... I finaly had to give in and use the mIRC to get there... (you can download mIRC fro free at mIRC dot com I think).


Apr 30, 2004 17:30:31
I experienced the same problem when changed their chat applet (as noted in a post below).

Is there a better chat applet than mIRC? Free or otherwise. I liked the old utility that use to be at, too bad it has changed.


Apr 30, 2004 21:05:38
Ok I had a similar problem but this is what you could do don't choose to go directly to greytalk and enter your password name instead go past that part of the screen further down you will see another chat button you will choose your guest name and then you will be sent into some appelet window type in /JOIN #greytalk and then you will be grey talking in no time .


Apr 30, 2004 23:45:00
Argon, thanks. That worked like a charm. I tried this evening and got in. I like the applet a lot better, so I appreciate your tip.

Thanks again.


May 01, 2004 13:17:05
Thanks for the help. I missed the chat but your advice seems to work.