another lame newbie question



Apr 30, 2004 20:16:06
ok, my DM has decided his new world will be Dragonlance, and has ordered the DL Campaign Setting & is waiting for it to arrive....

I know I've asked this before but can someone please the 3.5 campaign setting set before or after the War of Souls?? Or has that not happened at all in the 3.5 setting??

I've looked at the nexus and - my DM would like to find a good "summary" of the state of Krynn he can read while he waits for the book to arrive.



Apr 30, 2004 20:49:28
The default campaign start is set just after the War of Souls. Though the campaign setting contains info. you can use to play anywhere from the War of the Lance onwards.


Apr 30, 2004 21:03:54
There is world of other time era books being released (such as War of the Lance in August). The Age of Mortals book pretty much covers any time in that time (from beginning to current, current time takes place about a year after the War of the Souls).


Apr 30, 2004 23:38:03
cool, thanks got it now!!!


May 01, 2004 1:37:49
Current events take place about six months after the War.


May 01, 2004 9:06:11
Originally posted by The White Sorcerer
Current events take place about six months after the War.

Which is weird because Mina had only a little hair on her head at the end of the war, yet she has hair past her shoulders on the cover of the AoM. Oh well, I suppose she had Divine Rogaine or something.