Ideas for using Addar...



May 04, 2004 4:53:13
Hi there everyone, I'm a fairly new R.L DM, and have recently been catching up on the various offerings and the Darklords etc that are to be found on line, recently I came across Addar and the Shadow Unicorns and Nightmare etc and really liked the idea of using him in ny next campaign.

Currently my party are in Vorostokov, dealing with Gregor and all his little lycanthrope buddies... There is still a lot of playtime I'n what they're doing so I have plenty of time in here...

What I'm really looking for are any ideas on suitible Fey and other foresty creatures to corrupt for use as enemies?... Currently I have an evil Nymph, a family of Satyrs driven insane though fear, something brought on by Addars shreiking wail attack... (Would it be fair to penalise the party should they slay them without a second thought?... I DO plan to make clear the terror on their face.)

There is also an evil ranger I plan to use as a kind of cohort to Addar, she has serious self hate and martyrdom issues to tie in with Addar's issues of dominance...

Sadly at the moment I don't have much use for the Shadow Unicorns other than as a way to have Addar look noble from the start as they see him battle one etc... And the other tricks like have them find a dead body, clearly killed by a flaming horn attack, but I will of course only ever let them see the Shadow Unicorns use that ability, not Addar himself...

Anyway, any feedback or advice etc would be most appreciated...


May 05, 2004 8:08:51
I've used Addar and the Shadow Unicorns before. Here's a brief summary of what I did:

1) The PC's notice a shard of black ivory on the clothes of a dead goblyn. This was a piece black unicorn horn, which is believed to get through Addar's territory. By carrying the horn, you say you are an enemy of his offspring, and thus he lets you live to kill more of them.
2) The PC's find a tree that is marked with the rune of darkness.
3) The PC's meet and fight a shadow unicorn, barely surviving. The creature is driven off for a while.
4) The shadow unicorn returns and makes a bargain with the PC's, allowing the rest to live if one of them comes with him.
5) The selected PC volunteers, and the unicorn takes her to another villain who has been searching for her, offers her up to this villain as payment for a service.
6) The other villain's service is to summon the original nightmare who seduced Addar, from which the shadow unicorn wishes to hear the prophecy about a good unicorn being born. Thus the PC hears the story of Addar's fall and the nightmare's being thrust out.
7) The PC escapes when the shadow unicorn and the other villain turn on each other. She now has a desire to find the one good unicorn and protect it.

That's about as far as it's gone so far. Any questions?