Cameo appearances in Dragonlance



May 04, 2004 14:07:55
How do you handle cameo appearances in Dragonlance ? I have a few players(Aside from my main groups.) that cannot be relied upon to show up for every session. These players still want to play but cannot make it to the game for each session.

My solution for these players is Cameo Appearances! That way they can show up for that one session and then if they do not make it to the next one it is not a big deal. How do you handle cameo appearances in your campaigns or do you even have them at all ?



May 04, 2004 16:47:01
Absent players aren't much of a problem in my campaign. The PCs are based out of Haven and in the rare circumstance that a player is not present, his PC merely stays in Haven going about business.


May 04, 2004 16:49:06
They are not a problem in mine either. I have one set group that shows up for every session.

The only thing is I have other players that cannot make it to every session that are begging me to play.



May 04, 2004 16:57:28
Depends on your style of campaign. My campaign is largely stationary, with the PCs operating in and out of the Haven vale area, and adjacent areas. Casual players that can only attend every once in a while could easily be integrated into such a campaign, as they could reside in the PCs' home base (Haven) or some nearby community frequented by the PCs.

If you've got more of a mobility campaign where the PCs travel the length and breadth of Ansalon (or all of Krynn), then it can be more problematic ... unless of course you've got some spellcasters capable of teleport and similar such spells.