Pennarin - read this.



May 04, 2004 17:20:38
Your PM Inbox is full, couldn't send my reply that way. Here's my reply however:

Umm... make sure that his audio configuration is correct for his system, and that he actually has the microphone on, and the volume in Windows is up enough (Volume control panel, switch to "Input", as opposed to the default "Output"). I usually test this by making what I say on the microphone be what is heard on my speakers, so I can get a good balance - however this does cause some feedback problems while testing, especially if his speakers are anywhere in the area of the microphone . The feedback won't be heard by other people if he doesn't play what he says on the microphone through his speakers, however.

Make sure his videoconferencing software's configured right to actually accept input from his microphone - I've found on some soundcards, notably those that have an extra panel on the front of the computer with a mic plug (and other sound plugs), tend to have a "Mic 1" and "Mic 2" setting. Usually, the plug in the back of the computer is Mic 1, and the plug in the front is "Mic 2", however this is not always the case. The real annoying part of this is that not all programs that use microphones even bother allowing you to switch to Mic 2, much less use them. As such, if he has this situation - where he has 2 Mic plugs on his computer (or more) switch the microphone between them and see what happens.

This doesn't sound like an incompatability problem with using two QuickCam Messengers - it sounds like a simple microphone setting poblem on his end - especially since video & sound goes one way, and only video goes the other. Hopefully, this makes sense, and can help solve the problem.


May 04, 2004 18:07:22
Just emptied everything in the user cp.
I'll send further messages cause I found the problem and its really weird...