serpent peninsula trader map



May 04, 2004 21:08:52
Well, since some of you has been interesting in the first trader map i've done (cf. ), i've decided to finish my work and so have made the south part.

i corrected some details (small town placement, added mileage, named some area), add some decorum and tweak some commercial ressources.

i still have to find a good typo for text.

Anyway, you can check it here :

Minroth / Darokin trade map

Feel free to comment


May 04, 2004 23:30:37


May 05, 2004 2:18:03
Originally posted by Lost Woodrake

here here, that's great Bertrand


May 05, 2004 7:37:03
Really really beautiful work - with illustrations and everything. I'm impressed.

If you feel like making more maps keep 'em comming!

:-) Jesper


May 05, 2004 9:06:31
Fantastic job! It'll definitely get used.


May 05, 2004 11:21:20
@ stanles : how do you know my surname. it's not a secret, just you're the only one using it. would yo ube someone that i know irl

i'm considering many many more maps.

This traders map was, at the beggining, a test. That's why it took me so long to finish it.

i'm planning doing others traders map because they can be of various utility; obviously for Darokin / Minroth players / DM, but also for having a sort of geo-political prop. Also, i have a good base for continuing.

i'm contemplating making a draconic territory map, for Glantri sorcerers (for instance), and to have a better idea of how Dragon see the know world. there is an interesting article in a Dragon Mag.

After that, i'm thinking that making a map showing various population settlement (and their number) could be really useful. i'm sure that many players / DM don't realize how vast is the world (mystara is our earth in fact) and how few inhabitants there is at this time. But this a big job, so don't expect this one early.

That said, all those map are (or will be) made with the perspective of being printed (by a printer enterprise). this is not in a commercial purpose (!), just either i print them at a good size, either i buy a video projector to see them on a wall but i can't stand looking at them on a computer monitor :-)
i have not the time (and the money) for this now, but i'll do it. anyway, before this, i still have to polish them, and test them.

i have also another project which i am working on since several month, but i don't want to talk about it now. you'll have to wait until this summer i think.

if someone ever need a special map, don't hesitate to ask, and i'll see if i can do something.


May 05, 2004 15:18:51
Originally posted by Arghis
@ stanles : how do you know my surname. it's not a secret, just you're the only one using it. would yo ube someone that i know irl

nah, sorry. I just got your name from the article on the Vaults. Sorry I didn't know that was surname, so I have your name the wrong way around on the Vaults article do I? If so I'll change it.


May 05, 2004 15:52:44
hmm. i'm always confused by the way name vocabulary is translated in english.
anyway, i should have sayed : how do you know my first name ... and what i've seen on ther vault is correct