Psi warrior's Call Weaponry power



May 05, 2004 15:29:40
Does the Psi warriors' "call weaponry" summon metal weapons? And can you make size choices? I can't see a 1/2 giant or any other large+ Psi warrior summoning a medium sized long sword.


May 05, 2004 19:17:37
This is one of those "use your better judgement" moments for a GM. While it doesn't state it, I assume it would be a long sword (or whatever) for that particular creature, so a half-giant would gain a half-giant-sized long sword.

As far as the metal weapon goes - I'd say no. Since call weaponry is actually summoning a real weapon from "somewhere on the planet," I'd toss in a 10% chance that the weapon is metal. Otherwise, it's probably bone or obsidian. So set it up like this:

1-9 = Metal weapon
10-45 = Bone weapon
46-00 = Obsidian weapon.


May 06, 2004 2:42:29
It states that you specify what type you want. Since you get a typical represantation of that type of weapon, I would rule that you get a weapon made from the material that is mostly used for that type of weapon.

Dagger --> Bone Dagger
Spear --> Stone tipped Spear