New in Oerth



May 05, 2004 19:01:57
Im recently starting my campaing in Oerth (after long playing on Ravenloft) and have several questions. Currently Im running Vecna Lives!

*Can you tell me about others official adventures in Greyhawk (as Vecna Lives!)?

*Where can I find more info about this:
(particulary about St Cutbert role in events)

581 CY Vecna (after apparently destroying of the Circle of Eight) is himself thrown into out of the Prime Material planes at Tovag Baragu...Cuthbert expends huge amounts of energy to simulate the death of the Circle, and after contributing immense aid to a party in overthrowing Vecna, is himself greatly weakened. (3015 OR)

*Can you tell me what makes Greyhawk different from other settings (such as FR)?

*What books for 3.5 made ONLY for Greyhawk?


May 06, 2004 1:36:51
First of all - congratulations on joining Team Greyhawk-DM.

Can you tell me about other official adventures in Greyhawk (as Vecna Lives!)?

There are a TON from the old days, Lordik. 1st edition was very good to Greyhawk: 2nd edition, rather less so, but it was still supported. If you're really looking for things to run in Greyhawk, the "generic" modules (Sunless Citadel, Speaker in Dreams, Standing Stone, Lord of the Iron Fortress) are written for the Greyhawk setting (though they were kept as generic as possible so they could be put in ANY campaign setting.) As for actual, GH-specific modules, WotC has not done much. There was ONE big module, but its reviews have generally been very poor.

As for the event you refer to from 581 CY, the details of that incident are told in full in the adventure you plan to run. It had minimal campaign effects on the world of Greyhawk in general. Oh - and you'll want to make sure you tell your players that your adventure is taking place before the GH wars, because a few of the mages who die during Lives! are removed from play in 584.

Can you tell me what makes Greyhawk different from other settings (such as FR)?

In one word: History. This setting is home to a plethora of ancient dungeons, colorful characters and phat artifacts, most of them created by Gary Gygax & his Original Squadron of Buddies. It is the prototypical D&D world, in the same way LotR was the prototypical fantasy epic. (And, just as LotR spawned a thousand crummy rip-offs, so too did Greyhawk.)

Oh - I should also mention that GH is generally written for a lower level of character than Forgotten Realms. You aren't going to stand out from the pack in the Realms until you top 20th level or so: whereas it's fairly common for a 10th-level character in Greyhawk to have national fame.

What books for 3.5 made ONLY for Greyhawk?

All three of the basic books function as-is for the World of Greyhawk. If you want a world-specific guide (and believe me, it'll help you out!) your best bet is to acquire the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, which contains full information on the nations, religions, races, calendars, coinage, and politics of Greyhawk: and a little bit of information about notable characters, political groups, and dungeon sites. Since there are no full character write-ups, it should be fully compatible with 3.5.