Not Mist-napped



May 05, 2004 20:11:05
Has anyone started a Revnloft game that all the character grew up in Ravenloft and not imported in?

If so, how did that work?


May 06, 2004 1:53:23
Well, that's generally what I do, and it's the way I've done it in all my adventures. For my upcoming campaign, all the characters have grown up in Vallaki, which is where the first adventure will take place as well. I think that having the characters living in Ravenloft is far better than just mist-leading them, as mist-led characters generally only want to go back home, while natives are attached to and care about their world, their home, and the people there. Natives also allow for plot hooks regarding former friends and enemies, secrets from the past come to trouble them, etc. all of which is hard to to with people who simply drop by for a quest and only want to go home.


May 06, 2004 3:53:22
I actually far prefer the "native" campaign. Both long-running Ravenloft campaigns and the few mini-games I've done so far have been Mistborn games. I don't really care for "weekend in Hell" adventures; I think that they focus too much on the "unrelenting" aspects of Ravenloft horror and not enough on character development or the beauty of a Victorian Gothic setting.

Now I'm reminiscing about my previous games, and the one I'm running starting this fall. Have to start a thread about this...

Hida Jiremi
(Jeremy Puckett)


May 06, 2004 13:02:30
Currently in my campagin there is a 50/50 split between natives to R.L, and mist abductees from Faerun... It's working ok so far, and does lead to some decent R.Ping opportunities amongst the players.


May 07, 2004 0:40:18
Taking from my man MSD, it all began in Barovia and it will all end in Barovia. I generally like starting it there, even though I'm partial to ANY character from any campaign setting.


May 10, 2004 15:36:27
I usually run "Native" campaigns. If a groups truly wants me to take their PC's into Ravenloft, then I will. I, also don't care for the weekend in hell theme for outsiders in Ravenloft. They way I run my games, outsiders have less then a 1% chance to escape Ravenloft. So if one of my groups wants to go to Ravenloft, it's with the understanding that they will probably never return home, ever.


May 11, 2004 17:25:31
I do strictly natives. My current campaign features one Outlander PC, and he's there for a specific plot purpose.