Need Night of the Walking Dead



May 05, 2004 22:30:36
I had the module night of the walking dead or whatever its called saved from Kargatane but my hardrive just got wiped and I'm using stuff from it for my next week's game.

If anybody knows a link to where I could get it again it would be muchly appreciated.



May 05, 2004 22:44:55 it.

the wizards site can be so hard to navigate.

either that or I'm a dumbass.


May 06, 2004 11:06:14
Indeed it's hard to navigate;)


May 08, 2004 16:43:44
Man, i'm sorry to be the bringer of sad news, but wizards seems to have moved the module completely. I think that you must either search the web or use engines like soulseek and i-mesh. If you ever use soulseek, try to find me. I'll be glad to help you. Just add ntua2002 to your user list and send me a message.

Cheers though, because you seek one of the best modules in DnD history and the Fates won't leave you unrewarded!!.....

Just roll a 20 !!!!!



May 08, 2004 19:58:45
hey thx...its actually still kicking around

it doesn't come with any of the maps...but you don't need them.

and yeah its a very good module. I don't really like most of them b/c they can be constricting this one is nice though.


May 12, 2004 11:50:19
got this one. never run it though. even tho it was one of the first modules i brought.

is it worth running? any one gm'd it care to give me their thoughts on it?


May 12, 2004 23:37:21
Well I have yet to run it but I'm sure that it is going to go over well.

I'm mostly using it as an engine to introduce a prophecy in my game.

Coupled with the fact that I wanted something like it for this stage in the game it works out nicely.

I would do some tweaking to it of isn't good to play any module w/o tweaking.

I'm weakening Jean Tarascon and upping the amount of Zombies so the players feel rushed to confront Marcel.

I think I'm going to add some more hints about Jean the players are more inclined to check out his house.

That and the magic items floating around are so many...but then modules are written with "average" rewards built in.