Towers of High Sorcery



May 06, 2004 13:29:17
Any word on when we might be able to pre-order this, or when it may be going over seas to print?

Also...are there going to be a lot of spoilers in this RPG book for the novel Wizard's Conclave? If so...perhaps I should wait to get it (because I know once I do...I won't be able to just ignore it).



May 06, 2004 16:22:04
The book is the in the final steps before final approval and going off to press. We worked with Doug Niles to make sure that the book answers some basic questions (what's going on in the post-War of Souls era with the Tower of Wayreth and the Conclave) without spoiling very much of his novel. So it should be fine!

Jamie Chambers
Sovereign Press, Inc.


May 06, 2004 16:24:54
Thanks for the info!


May 06, 2004 16:46:43
I have never looked more forward to a non-main Campaign Setting book EVER!!! :D I can't wait!!

So many questions I look forward to having answered ^_^

I'm actually gonna pre-order this one.

So, any idea on what kind of Prestige Classes it'll have? (obviously Jaime Chambers knows ;) ).


May 06, 2004 17:18:40
So I recall it once being said that preview will be given for all the major releases. Well we had our Beastiary Preview, and we've had our KoD preview... when do we get to feast our eyes on that ToHS goodness?


May 08, 2004 1:15:39
That's what I was wondering myself! Perhaps a list of some of the major wizards that are going to be in it, or a list of the PrC?