Fatigue and activity



May 06, 2004 16:06:42
Maybe I should go on the D&D board, but anyone here knows about the rules for regular fatigue after regular activity?

I know how it works for forced march or running, but what about physical activity, time awake between sleeping cycles, taking turns at night to guard instead of sleeping, light, medium and heavy labor. Stuff like that.

The thing is, there seems to be some mechanics regarding this for some feats and spells (such as extending the time you can spend for activity to 16 hours, and 12 hours for hard labor), but there seems to be no basic rules, nor any rule for what happens when you exceed this.

Can someone help me out?


May 14, 2004 19:33:54
I've searched, but the only official rules for fatigue I saw deal with forced marches.

As for my house rules, I apply the following:

-Extremely intense labor (fighting, sprinting) can be conducted for Con minutes without a break. This assumes there is no time at all between actions and that focus must be maintained for the entire duration. Thereafter a rest period of 24-Con minutes must be observed.
-Hard but steady labor (ditch digging, heavy hauling) can be conducted for Con hours without a break. This assumes the character can drink water, stretch his back, etc. during this time. Thereafter a rest period of 24-Con hours must be observed.
-Normal but sporadically intense activity (the occassional fight, light forced march, normal adventurer's day) can be conducted for 3 times Con hours before 8 hours of rest is required.

In all cases, Fort DC 15 or become fatigued. Add to the DC as you see fit. The fatigue lasts double the length of time it took to get it.

For Guard Duty I make the players save Will DC 12 +1 per hour they watch or fall asleep. Guard duty is tedious and boring even under the best conditions. Try staying alert after a hard day's march and a battle or two. It takes A LOT of willpower. And the best part is that if Guard A falls asleep he can't wake up Guard B or Guard C- a whole night for something nasty with teeth to sneak up on the camp! And if their sleep is interrupted they all need to make the fatigue check the following day.

I had a party of all warrior types run into this situation. Once they saw the effect fatigue had on their combat abilities, they literally begged for a chance to rest.

Since I began enforcing these rules I have seen a lot more players picking up the Endurance feat.