planescape 3e



May 06, 2004 18:10:41
the planescape 3e project still alive is?


May 06, 2004 18:26:04
Very much so. The next release scheduled is Chapter 6: Life on the Planes.

I'm not heavily involved with this one, however I now have some time on my hands so I'll be jumping back into the project with a number of things I've already been working on for it.


May 06, 2004 18:31:12
Yes. There are some releases out.

Chapter 2 is all about making characters, and includes information on races, as well as a few other spots of interest.

Chapter 3 has information on all of the post-Faction War factions.

Chapter 4 has new skills and feats, including a bunch of faction-based feats.

Lastly, Chapter 7 has an overview of Sigil itself, including major characters.


May 09, 2004 7:38:59
I'm due to pour these goodies onto my gaming group in the next couple of weeks; but I do have one quick question ;)

I'm going through my old 2e collection of PlaneScape material, and the only thing I need to convert are the spells.

Are there are any proposed chapters of 2e>3e PS spells in the future, and will anyone want my adjusted lists for inclusion?


May 09, 2004 18:56:18
The Manual of the Planes has a bunch of spells for both divine and arcane casters that do most of what you probably want. It includes interplanar communication, hedging out dimensional travel, and a variety of protections from planar effects.


May 09, 2004 22:50:08
And on that topic, Avoid Planar Effects is the most useful spell for planewalkers ever devised. Make sure someone in your party can cast it.


May 11, 2004 14:26:44
Sorry for the quiet. The last two months have been pretty hectic for most people. But the new forums are finally online, and finals will be ending in a week which will make things a lot easier.