Finally completed my collection



May 06, 2004 20:07:36
Sorry I normally am not a fan of threads like this but I am pretty excited because I finally have obtained the 30th of 30 Planescape game supplements, adventures, and boxed sets.

Now to just get them all into my campaigns somehow.

But I just love the fact I was able to get 4 of the boxed sets extremly cheap from a friendly poster on the classified section here.

Anyway my happy gushing is over.


May 06, 2004 21:50:34
If you manage to get ahold of the conceptual sketchbook, I'll buy it from you... ;)

I've only got that plus 'In the Abyss'. And the last one there is on the back burner since I won't be running my players there anytime soon. Ships of Chaos on the other hand... *knowing smile* I say too much, too soon though ;)


May 07, 2004 16:35:49
Congrats, I know how you feel.
I bought the whole set of 30 on ebay a while ago.
Now I am working my way through the Planescape Ral PArtha mini's I have a certain named Arcanoloth, and now I am looking for the Friendly Fiend. I have a blister of Hardheaders who want a conversation with him.


May 15, 2004 10:41:57


May 15, 2004 11:27:04
Congratulations =) It takes a heck of a lot to get all of the PS stuff these days.


May 15, 2004 22:01:54
I'm only one away and thats the Dead Gods adventure. Darn hard book to find in near-mint condition.