My next gaming article...



May 06, 2004 23:06:32
Well, I know that DH requested me to do an article on using the Complete Divine in DL, but I have not been able to buy it, so it probably won't happen. But, I did buy the Complete Warrior today...heh heh heh. I'm gonna have fun with that. You think samurai have no place on Krynn? You won't when I'm through with 'em.

But, anyways, I do need some input on something. You see, I think mast everybody here has read at least the first book of the Defenders of Magic trilogy. Well, in it, our favorite Ergothian wizard goes on and on about him being trained to be a Cavalier, Ergoth's answer to the Knights of Solamnia. Well, everytime I mention them, nobody ever seems to know what I'm talking about, so maybe I've been able to jog a few memories. Well, anyways, I was hoping I'd find a good prestige class for them, and I've foudn a couple. The most obvious is the Cavalier, but I don't feel quite right attaching that class to an organization. That way, I'd never see a Crown Knight/Cavalier with a silver dragon mount with the tremendous charge feat. That would be *SO* sweet. But anyways, then I was thinking of maybe the Knight Protectors, who are all about organizations. Or maybe even the Purple Dragon Knight. I've also been toying with the samurai class. I know it sounds wierd, but hear me out. The only examples of cavaliers I've seen all seemed to use dual weapons. For instance, Guerrand used a shortsword and dagger combo, and I htink his brother(was he a cavalier?) used dual weapons too. So, a few adjustments to the samurai might make them fit. Any suggestions?